Oreo's New Ad On LGBTQ Acceptance Is So Necessary

by Kristine Cannon
OREO Cookie/Youtube

‘A loving world starts with a loving home’

Chug a glass of water and grab a tissue (or use your shirt like I did), because Oreo‘s new ad — just in time for LGBTQ History Month — will hit you square in the feels and bring you to tears.

In partnership with PFLAG National, Oreo’s new film titled “Proud Parent” follows the love story of Jen and Amy — and the challenges of bringing a partner home for the first time. In the nearly three-minute-long video, we watch as Jen introduces her partner Amy to her mom and dad, but her dad doesn’t seem as accepting of Amy as he is of Jen’s sister’s male partner. But the moment their neighbor shoots disapproving looks Jen and Amy’s way, the dad comes around and, in the end, does something that brings both Jen and Amy (and us) to tears. (Don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you!) Later, the words “a loving world starts with a loving home” flash across the screen.

“The #ProudParent platform is our partnership with OREO, aimed at empowering and inspiring parents, families, and allies of to come out in loud, public support,” writes PFLAG, the first and largest organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) people, their parents and families, and allies. “Because every time a parent comes out in support of their child they inspire others to do the same – making the world a more accepting, affirming, and compassionate place.”

According to PFLAG, visible support from the adults in LGBTQ+ youths’ lives is so important; so much so, it saves lives.

“LGBTQ+ youth who have at least one supportive adult in their lives were 40 percent less likely to consider suicide in the last year than those who didn’t,” PFLAG states. “Visible support saves lives.”

Oreo and PFLAG’s year-long Proud Parent initiative is designed to, as Oreo puts it, “shine a spotlight on the powerful impact love and acceptance can have on LGBTQ+ youth.”


Not only did Oreo create a limited edition #ProudParent pack of Oreos that feature rainbow-colored creme, but they’re giving them away solely to the first 10,000 people who share a photo on Instagram or Twitter showing what allyship means to them. And so far, the tweets and posts are just beautiful.

The new cookies may not be sold in stores, but the real gift was the video and the clear support of the LGBTQ+ community among parents flooding social media. Want to take part in the movement? Simply take a picture that demonstrates what being an ally means to you and post it to either Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #ProudParent and #Giveaway. Oh, and don’t forget to follow @Oreo.