Hilarious Commercial Nails How 'Real' Women Spend Their Mornings 

by Jerriann Sullivan

Organic Valley uses morning routines of real women in new ad

Finally, an ad has correctly portrayed one aspect of women’s lives – their morning routine. Usually, we have to suffer through commercials of women who supposedly just woke up, but somehow look ready for a photo shoot and also, have an endless amount of time for journaling and yoga. Not anymore, thanks to Organic Valley.

Obviously, we women know the typical ads create a fantasy land that most women don’t live in. But it is also refreshing to see the absurdity mocked in a 90-second commercial for a protein shake from Organic Valley. You’ll laugh while nodding your head at all the moments that appear stolen from your morning routine. And it’s backed up by science – just in case you thought most women did wake up looking model fresh before spending an hour making an all organic, farm-to-table, gourmet breakfast.

SoundView Research polled 1,000 American women between 25 and 54 years of age, all of whom work full time, in February 2016. Their data showed what we already knew – women rank doing their hair and makeup and showering as more important than eating breakfast. How else will I cover these dark circles? And who has time for yoga when I’m wrestling a hairbrush through the birds nest that is my hair? Why do you think the top bun has become such a hit – most ladies don’t have time to create salon magic when they’re bodies are waking up from what was surely not enough sleep.

The study also found that 79 percent of the women polled have eaten in a moving vehicle. Did we really need science to tell us that? I’ve eaten several meals in my car in one day because sometimes, work and family stuff all come together in a perfect storm that leaves eating at the bottom of the priority list. A bag of almonds lives in my car to stifle my hangry moments. To solve another issue, keep extra clothes in your car because according to the research, 36 percent of us will re-wear dirty clothes while some of us cover assorted stains with a perfectly placed scarf.

And, of course, we have a clever lady to thank for the realistic capture commercial. “There seems to be a growing disconnect between the perfect way women’s lives are portrayed on social media and in many commercials, and what our busy, hectic lives really look like,” Organic Valley Innovation Manager Nicole Mydy told Adweek.

Sure not every 90-second ad trying to sell us something needs to display life accurately, but if more commercials were as funny and honest as this one, maybe we wouldn’t spend so much time fast forwarding through them.

Watch the ad below.