Our Kids Are The Reason Teachers Drink, So It's Only Fair We Buy Them Some Wine

by Maria Guido
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Right now, my almost five-year-old is sitting in a classroom, being entertained and enriched by another human who is not me. I am working in peace because another adult has decided to make it her calling to mold young minds — an often thankless job. If you really think about it, doesn’t it just want to make you scream from the mountaintops, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Teachers are amazing. And they deserve some acknowledgement for what they do, don’t they? A gift that says, “I’m sorry you have to spend six hours of your day trying to get my five-year-old to listen. He’s terrible at that. I’ve literally almost had a nervous breakdown on several occasions whilst waiting for him to follow my directions.” Will an Old Navy gift card say that? No. How about a #1 Teacher mug? Hardly.

Wine. Your kid’s teacher deserves wine for dealing with your bundle of joy all day. One parent thought of the perfect way to let your child’s teacher know that you know what a pain in the ass he is:

Image via Imgur

This is a win, right?

A Reddit user posted this image with the title, “This is the most honest gift to a teacher I’ve ever seen.” The image has been viewed three million times in the last two days, because – duh. Our kids are driving teachers absolutely nuts. They need wine.

We’re parents: we’re not going to magically stop being freaked out, over-bearing, and nitpicky when it comes to our kids. Even if you think you aren’t freaked out, over-bearing, and nitpicky – it’s safe to assume you’ve expected a lot of this person who teaches your spawn. It’s nice to send the message, “Hey, thanks for teaching my kid. Parenting her isn’t always easy, so I bet teaching her isn’t either.”

This cool-looking label is from an Oregon-based company called Evermine. They make custom labels and this is their cool design. Customize the label and slap it on your favorite bottle.

I love everything about this idea.

Thank you, teachers.

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