Give Your Parents The Gift Of Blocking Fox News With Parental Controls

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Twitter/outfoxtheholidays

Blocking your parents from watching Fox News will make the holidays much happier

Ahh, the holidays. A time to eat, drink, and be merry with family and friends. A time to come together and set aside your political differences in the name of peace and harmony. I’m kidding, it’s a time to grin and bear it for the sake of your kids so you don’t absolutely lose your marbles in front of them when your Hannity-obsessed dad starts going off about funding for The Wall. And if you need a little help where that’s concerned, perhaps consider blocking Fox News on every TV with the help of parental controls, as suggested by a brilliant video making the internet rounds.

A hilarious video released on Twitter starring comedian Andy Richter takes a satirical look at the hell that is listening to anyone who gets all the their opinions from Fox News. It’s called “Out Fox The Holidays,” and we’re very much here for it.

The video shows just how uncomfortable the holidays can be when you disagree on politics (and life in general). It all starts at the front door when their kids say “Happy Holidays,” to which Richter’s dad character claps back, “It’s Merry Christmas. This isn’t Starbucks.” (Cue sign of Trump/O’Reilly 2024 in the front yard.)

After including Trump (our “biggest-handed president”) in the family grace, Richter wants to know why the world can’t just move on from Mueller’s investigation to more current topics like “Hillary’s emails.” Fair point, since we didn’t spend long enough on that the first time around.

They also manage to hit on topics like forest fires, parents’ lives matter, and Finland, strangely enough. And as the kids narrate the commercial with valid points like how difficult it is for our parents to decipher between what’s real and what’s shit-house crazy, it’s time for us kids to “protect their impressionable minds.”

Image via Twitter/Outfoxtheholidays

Cue a brief tutorial on how to find parental controls in your settings and BINGO, you can block them from Fox News and “any other channel spewing 24/7 bullshit.”

They also released an outtake from the original which is Richter’s character in all his Fox-faithful glory. “Did you know Obama was born in Kenya, and Nigeria?” the video starts, while Richter (best known for his work on Conan O’Brien) tucks into what we can only assume is another riveting Fox & Friends segment. “Did you know Colin Kaepernick was a member of MS-13? His nickname was Diablo.”

Sadly, these are the kinds of “alternative facts” some dads are buying into these days.

“Keep your parents on the right path. Not the alt right one,” they tweeted. “This Holiday Season, block their Fox News with Parental Controls.”

Sounds like the only way to truly peaceful get-togethers this holiday season.

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