These 20 Things Will Rule Any White Elephant Gift Exchange

These 20 Things Will Rule Any White Elephant Gift Exchange

November 30, 2018 Updated December 14, 2018

white elephant gift guide
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You are the queen of White Elephant, and your coworkers/family must bow down.

Ah, White Elephant: the workplace and family gift game that makes everyone roll their eyes except for the one person who suggested it. In White Elephant, everyone brings cheap, useless gifts, wraps them up, and fights it out for the best ones. Here are 20 ways to make it super fun and school everyone in the process.

“I Like Coffee And Maybe 3 People” Shirt

I like coffee and three people shirt
Image via Walmart

This shirt is #accurate for every mom ever. Misanthropes will definitely want to trade up for this T-shirt.

Busy AF Notebook

Busy AF notebook walmart
Image via Walmart

Everyone wants to act like they’re the busiest one at home or at the office. With the #BusyAF Notebook, the case will finally be closed.

Goats in Trees Calendar

Image via Walmart

If you haven’t seen a goat in a tree, you haven’t lived. But you can make up for it with this calendar, which has TWELVE examples of goats in trees.

Novelty Eyeglasses Drinking Straws

Image via Walmart

Hope you aren’t in a hurry to get water inside of your mouth, because with these straws, it might be awhile. Your kids or your (drunk) coworkers will be dying to try out these eyeglasses straws. Thankfully, there are three in a pack!

Pickle Socks

Pickle socks walmart
Image via Walmart

Who loves pickles? Everyone. Coworkers will definitely want to hide these lime green pickle socks under their biz casual pants.

Poop Fishing Game

Poop fishing game
Image via Walmart

Here’s a good bottom-of-the barrel gift…bottom of the toilet? It’s fake poop. You fish for it. The kids will squeal with delight.

“It’s Way Too Peopley Outside” Wine Glass

Image via Walmart

Who doesn’t love a wine glass with a cheesy White Elephant twist? For the introverts and for the coworkers with Millennial sass, there’s the Peopley Wine Glass. Bottoms up, Jane in accounting!

Pizza Facts Word Search Book

Pizza Facts word search
Image via Walmart

Okay. There’s a lot to unpack here. Just roll with it.

Taco Joke Mug

taco mug nachos
Image via Walmart

Corny jokes rule the day at White Elephant. This mug will incite so many facepalms your colleagues will have headaches.

Hi, I’m Mat Doormat

Image via Walmart

How many Matts do you work with? 10? 20? One of them is bound to choose the “Hi, I’m Mat” doormat and the hyuks will ensue.

Tricerotaco Holder

tricerotaco holder
Image via Walmart

This magnificent object was actually invented by someone. This person saw a need in the market for something to hold tacos while diners’ hands are otherwise predisposed. But this person did not stop there. It’s also a prehistoric monster and a legendary word mashup. Everyone will fight to the death for the Tricerotaco Holder.

“Shhh… Thinking” Mug

shh thinking mug
Image via Walmart

The “Shhh… Thinking” Mug is one of the most frustrating things in the world to look at, which is why someone is going to love flashing this at their boss or spouse upon approach.

“Bossy” Key Chain

bossy key chain walmart
Image via Walmart

This keychain gives you automatic license to be a d**k to everyone. It’s a surefire hit!

What’s Up, Chicken Butt? Car Air Freshener

guess what chickenbutt air freshener
Image via Walmart

The person who goes home with this air freshener is going to hate it at first, but when his kid pukes in the backseat, he’ll have no choice but to clip it to his car vent, and it will save his life.

Talking No! and Yes! Buttons

Image via Walmart

The talking No! and Yes! buttons are an annoying nightmare. Perfect for White Elephant! Plus, it’s two gifts for the price of one.

“Answer Desk” Sign

Image via Walmart

Wow, I didn’t know you could make $4 from correct ans…oh, it’s a JOKE sign!

Golden Girls “Sophia” Chia Pet

Chia Pet
Image via Walmart

This is America. Owning a Golden Girls “Sophia” Chia Pet is your right. Also available in Dorothy and Blanche. Screw your coworkers, this one’s for you.

“So Fetch” Dog Clothes

Image via Walmart

This is a dog shirt. Get it?! So fetch!

Coffee Zombie Magnet

Image via Walmart

It you.

Useless Box

Image via walmart

This is the quintessential White Elephant gift. When you open the Useless Box, a gadget inside pops out and switches it right back off. It’s charming, stupid, and perfect for anyone crazy enough to play this game.

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