Have 30 Minutes? Create This Memorable Holiday Wall Art With Paint Chips And Your Photos

Have 30 Minutes? Create This Memorable Holiday Wall Art With Paint Chips And Your Photos

Sponsored by FUJIFILM Instax®

Sponsored by FUJIFILM Instax®

This year I’ve made it my personal goal to print my pictures rather than letting them linger on my phone. My niece recently introduced me to the FUJIFILM Instax®, a cute little instant film camera that develops photos within 90 seconds.

In a world where we rely on social media to store our memories, it’s refreshing to have my physical photos in hand with the snap of a button! I’ve been eager to find fun ways to display my pictures, and the Instax has inspired me to come up with some cool ideas, especially with the holidays around the corner. I’m a mom on a budget looking for ways to get festive without breaking the bank or a taking up half my weekend, so I came up with a cheerful wall hanging that’s easy to make and doesn’t cost a small fortune.


Here’s What You’ll Need:

FUJIFILM Instax® Mini 9 camera and Mini film
1- 36” long dowel (found in any craft store)
Clear monofilament cord (found in the jewelry making section)
Glue Dots
Gold craft paint
Gold chipboard stars
Red & Green Glittered scrapbook paper
Red & Green Paint chips (found in any hardware store with a paint section)

1. First, gather family and friends and take lots of fun photos.

2. Size up your pictures on the paint chip cards and cut to a size and shape you like.

I went with a rectangle to mirror the shape of the Instax pictures, leaving enough space around each one to create a red or green frame.

You could cut circles or diamonds if you prefer. I also mixed in the glittered scrapbook paper because I love a lot of shimmer during the holidays!

3. Paint the dowel with gold craft paint.

Once it has dried, measure to the center at 18” and make a mark. Then make 3 marks on either side 5” apart for a total of 7 marks. These are where you will tie on your strings. I used clear filament because I wanted my pictures to have a floating effect, but you could use colored holiday ribbon as well.

4. Cut 7 lengths of ribbon or thread 40” long and tie them in knots onto the dowel at each of tic marks.

PRO TIP: It’s helpful to hot glue the knot in order to keep the ribbon from sliding around while you work.

5. Now you need to plan your layout. Place the dowel at the edge of a table and tape it in place.

6. Place your colored cards down on the table in line with the thread or ribbon lines.

You’ll want to play around with the color patterns and general structure of the piece until you create something you like. I went with an upward cascading pattern with 7 cards down the center, moving upward with one less card in each row.

7. Next it’s time to attach the cards to the strings.

Cut several small squares of paper about ½” in size. Using glue dots, secure the thread to the back of the card with these squares. Work from the dowel down to the bottom, stopping between each card to make sure your thread is straight.

8. For the finishing touches, measure 1” in from either end of the dowel and tie your hanging thread to the dowel.

9. Hot glue the stars onto the dowel, and then attach your Instax pictures to the cards.

10. Hang it on the wall and enjoy!

Bonus round: If you want to add an extra layer of fun to this project, put it on display at your holiday party and invite guests to snap their own pictures and attach them to the cards!

Happy Holidays!

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