These ‘Professional’ Family Photos Are Going Viral Because OH MY GOD

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Facebook

These family photos must be seen to be believed

Having professional family photos taken can be an ordeal, but it’s basically a necessary one to endure. Because at the end of the day, who doesn’t love having a perfect-looking family portrait to hang on the wall?

Unless you’re a member of the Zaring family, that is. Because their recent family photos are going viral for being hilariously awful.

Pam Zaring is a mom who just wanted some nice family pictures like any mom does. So she sought out the services of a professional photographer in her area, paid $250 for said services, and gathered her entire family and two dogs together for some scenic photos on a warm, sunny day.

The results? OMG. You just have to see them for yourself. You. Will. Die.

LOL forever. When family pictures go wrong, usually it’s because a kid is crying or someone’s eyes are closed. In this case, it’s the, uh, interesting editing choices.

“Please see these FOR REAL photos she delivered to us,” Zaring wrote in the post. “She said the shadows were really bad on the beautiful, clear, sunny day and that her professor never taught her to retouch photos.”

Zaring is a remarkably good sport about all of this. Also, she’s not wrong. A vital lesson in retouching is definitely missing here. Everyone looks like they’re wearing a mask made of melting wax.

What exactly happened to their faces during the editing process remains unclear. Kind of like the faces themselves.

Aww, you can see where these adorable boys get their smiles from.

At least Grandma doesn’t look a day over 22 in these pictures!

Perhaps the most jarring thing about these images — aside from the, uh, total distortion — is the juxtaposition of the cartoon-y faces with the very real bodies and backgrounds.

The poor photographer, bless her heart, has at least given the Zaring family one hell of a good laugh.

And judging by the comments on Facebook, thousands of people are having a good chuckle about these pictures.

Many people were under the impression these photos are a joke, but Zaring assured them these family photos are, in fact, very real.

You’ve really got to admire her good sense of humor here. If nothing else, the Zarings have a hilarious family story to share at every family gathering for all eternity.