Panera Has A Double Bread Bowl -- Hold Me

by Jerriann Sullivan
Image via Panera Bread

Panera to start testing double bread bowl

Panera has a double bread bowl and it’s glorious. Just before the temperatures drop and we enter Pumpkin Spice Latte season, otherwise known as fall, Panera will be testing its double bread bowl. But obviously, it’s going to a permanent thing because why get one bread bowl when you can have a whole loaf of delicious carbs.

If you aren’t a devoted Panera customer, let’s break it down. The restaurant has a delicious bowl made entirely of bread that their loving team members fill with a variety of hot dishes: soups, mac-and-cheese, lentil quinoa broth – you get the idea. Well, people love these bowls. There’s just something special about pairing good bread with a hot dish. Especially in the winter.


Image via Panera Bread

Well, since the bread bowls are beloved why wouldn’t we want a larger one that can hold even more food. The double bread bowl is basically a large loaf of bread with two bowl-sized cut-outs. Maybe you and a friend both want broccoli and cheddar soup, time for the double bread bowl. Maybe you want soup and mac-and-cheese, time for the double bread bowl.

Bustle reported the breaking food news and let the world know that while the double bread bowl does exist, we can’t get it – yet. The company starts testing the beautiful loaf in the Philadelphia area on August 5.

The trial one is set to run until August 31 and Philly customers can try it in the restaurant’s cafés and through Panera’s delivery service. Please, make this happen for the rest of us, Philly. Even if you’re like “meh who needs that much bread,” just trust us and try it at least once. The rest of the country is counting on you to make double bread bowls a thing.

If all goes well at Panera locations across Philadelphia, the rest of the country could be blessed just in time for carb season otherwise known as winter.