25 Alternatives To The Word 'No'

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If your family is like mine, the word “no” is one of the most spoken words in your household. It’s definitely somewhere in the top five, in between shoesnsocks and getinbed. It can become a little redundant, saying the same word over and over and over a million times. It’s almost as if my kids have developed an immunity to it.

So presented, for your consideration, are a few alternatives you can bust out when you need to shoot down your children’s dreams. They may still be disappointed they can’t move their bedroom out back into the garden shed, but least you’ll get points for creativity in parenting.

1. How about a big steaming bowl of nope?

2. Who’s your favorite president? Mine’s Franklin DelaNO.

3. Sure! When pigs fly out of my butt.

4. Yeah, no.

5. Hell to the nizzo.

6. Keep livin’ on a prayer, Jon Bon NOvi.

7. Today’s forecast is cold and windy with a 100% chance of NO.

8. All the nopes.

9. Ummm, let me think about itno.

10. That question reminds me of my favorite story by Edgar Allan NO.

11. I would rather get a pap smear by Edward Scissorhands.

12. *makes shushing noise with fingers*

13. Did the glove fit?

14. Check with my secretary.

15. Grab your popcorn! I’ve got two front row passes to ZooNOPEia. My favorite character is the rhiNO.

16. Nos before bros.

17. Sure, but first you have to smell my finger.

18. Child… *intense stare until they slowly back away*

19. Hey, I was thinking we need a vacation. How about FresNO? JuNO? SacramentNO? ColoradNO? IdaNO? OhiNO?

20. Knock knock. Who’s there? No.

21. Pretend like I’m Nancy Reagan and you’re drugs.

22. No hablo ingles.

23. Somebody other than me would just LOVE to do that.

24. Respond using only Flipper dolphin noises.

25. Go ask your dad.

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