Parenting Unfiltered: 5 of My Favorite Moments in Motherhood #Sponsored

Parenting Unfiltered: 5 of My Favorite Moments in Motherhood #Sponsored

Motherhood is made up of moments; some of them so precious and tender you wish you could freeze time forever and some of them so horrifying you wish you could undergo a lobotomy (my 13 month old’s bout with Rotavirus as we trekked from Maryland to Tennessee for the win!)

The greatest gift we’re given is time with our children, and the hope that the good moments outweigh the bad ones. The thing about those moments, of course, is that they’re rarely the ones you expect. We once had the most God awful “vacation” at Disney World — the kids bickered for five days straight while I barked at them to have fun, the maid accidentally threw out their bathing suits leaving them “dying of heat,” and they all spiked fevers the last day. They ended up staying home sick once we were back home, and we spent the day laughing about the trip from hell while watching movies in bed. And it was awesome.

That’s pretty much parenthood for you – not what you prepared for, and never picture-perfect, but amazing nonetheless. Why? Because of the moments.

Here are some of my favorite little moments in motherhood…

1. The moment when they spot you in a crowd. It could be school pickup, being in the audience of a play or popping into school unexpectedly. But the way their faces light up simply at the sight of you? Heart melting.

2. Putting them to bed. OK, so maybe it’s because they’re simply buying more time until the dreaded lights out, (why, children, why do you fight it?!) but those moments before they shut their eyes and drift off are the sweetest. Even if they they’ve manipulated us into feeling that way.

3. Unexpected displays of affection. My middle has entered the too-cool-for-me phase, but every once in a while will forget and grab my hand or — gasp! — hug me in public. I beam like he’s an effing rock star.

4. Seeing them try. Whether it’s a vegetable that they don’t hate, giving it their all in a sport or going out of their way to be kind, just witnessing your kid making an effort is totally pride-inducing. And it makes up for the times when it takes them 20 freaking minutes to put on their shoes.

5. Being the only one they want. Sure, this most likely occurs when they’re puking into the toilet or in tears about some punk at school, but being someone’s primary source of comfort is a pretty amazing thing. Even when you’re covered in their vomit.

If I get at least one of the above a day, I’m golden. The moments, you see? That’s what it’s all about. And that’s why I’m proud to be a part of Plum Organics® Parenting Unfiltered movement.

The Parenting Unfiltered movement is all about celebrating real life and all of its moments, not just the perfect ones. You can watch the video here, or visit ParentingUnfiltered to read other blogger’s stories. And use the hashtag #ParentingUnfiltered and #scarymommy on social media to share your own moments – we’d love to see them!


This has been a sponsored post on behalf of Plum Organics, but all opinions are my own.