14 Moms You'll Find In Every Online Mom Group

by Joanna Myers
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I belong to several mom groups on social media and love the generally supportive community that they are. I can ask a question and within minutes, or even seconds, I have 4 or 5 people telling me where I can find the best local chiropractor or which grocery stores do price matching.

There do, however, seem to be some themes in these groups. Some different personality types that I would hazard to say are in every mom group. You may know some of them, or perhaps you are one of them. I know I’ve been some of these moms before.

1. The mom who wants to sell you their product.

You are asking about which is the best mechanic to go to for your car and they will chime in with what mechanic is best, and somehow work in the pizza stones, lipstick, or essential oils they sell. Pretty much all questions on a mom’s group can lead back to essential oils anyways. Am I right?

2. The moms who always say “no judgment please…” at the beginning of every post.

“No judgment please, but I’m wondering where the nearest bakery that sells cinnamon rolls is.” What in the heck are we supposed to be judging you on about that? But these moms have likely been burned before on the mom groups and so from now on will begin their all their posts with “no judgment please.”

3. The pass judgment on everyone moms.

Without these moms, we may never have ended up having the “no judgment please” moms. These moms truly believe that the way they parent is the best way and are only too happy to share that with you. On every post.

4. The “delete if not allowed” moms.

These moms are so worried they are going to accidentally break the group rules that they always qualify their posts with “delete if not allowed.” Or we could just re-read the group rules. But who has time for that, honestly? Yup, I’ve been guilty of this one for sure.

5. The moms who ask a question in the group instead of just Googling it.

These are the moms who ask things like “where do kids eat free today” or “does anyone know what’s open today”. I guess maybe it’s just easier to ask the moms than google? We are a pretty knowledgeable bunch I suppose. Moms know everything.

6. The moms who don’t know how to use the group’s search engine.

The “I know it’s been asked before, but what are some fun things to do inside today for a 3- and 1-year-old.” Or “does anybody know if there’s a walk-in clinic downtown?” Just a tip that I learned recently, press the search button in your group, type in what you are searching for, and you might find a ready-made post with all the info you desire in it.

7. The “how long is the wait in the ER” question moms.

Here’s a tip: If you are asking, go to the emergency room. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. And take enough entertainment for 6-8 hours. Just in case. The emergency department in unpredictable and changeable, so plan for the long haul and then be pleasantly surprise if you’re done sooner.

8. The “spam me with” moms.

Spam me with baby girl names, spam me with boy names, spam me with legit work from home ideas Just spam me.

9. The drama mom.

She wants to stir up trouble and create crap in the posts You may or may not see her often depending on your group but when you do expect crap to fly.

10. The meme/video posting mom.

Usually good for a “that’s so true” type laugh, providing it’s not constant.

11. The “picture for attention” Moms.

When asking a question these Moms will post a picture of their child in hopes of attracting more attention towards the post. Not going to lie…cute babies? It works.

12. The moms who want to know how long a certain ailment lasts.

Usually the stomach bug. Okay…it’s always the darn stomach bug. “My whole house has been hit by a nasty stomach bug. Is this going around? How long will it last?” Whenever I see these posts, I always wonder how in the heck they have the time and energy to post on social media while vomiting? All I can usually manage is to curl up on the floor in the bathroom with my head against the cold porcelain tile. Not a computer in site.

13. The encouragers.

Most of the moms on these groups (excluding the judgers and drama moms) are the encouragers. These moms are the “been there done that” types but not in an obnoxious way. They just want you to know that you are not alone and that many parents go through what you are dealing with right now. And all these lovely moms are the ladies who make our mom groups go around. In a good way.

14. And finally… the moms who ask for advice regarding their little ones.

And when you get right down to it, isn’t that what an online mom group is all about? Asking for and offering advice while supporting each other on this crazy but fun journey we call motherhood.

What are some other types of moms in your online mom groups?

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