40 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Your Teen

by Stacy Graebner
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A teen girl posing with a backpack

As my kids are getting older, I’m beginning to notice that it doesn’t take much to set them off. Sometimes a simple phrase or even an innocent compliment will trigger a headache-inducing eye-roll or an abrupt dramatic exit from the room. So as a public service, I decided to compile a list of the most highly offensive comments you can make to a tween or teenager. Here are a few of my favorites. Use these at your own risk:

1. You look nice.

2. Go say hi to your friends.

3. Are you in a bad mood?

4. Can I go with you?

5. Hi.

6. What’s wrong?

7. Want some help?

8. I like your hair.

9. Are you going to wear that?

10. How was school?

11. You can’t possibly still be hungry.

12. Are you tired?

13. Do you feel OK?

14. You’ll understand someday.

15. Why are you doing that?

16. Time to get up.

17. Time to go to bed.

18. You look so grown up!

19. That’s cool.

20. How are you?

21. Did you do your homework?

22. I did that as a kid too.

23. Where’s your coat?

24. Swag.

25. I know what you mean.

26. Where are you?

27. Where were you?

28. Where are you going?

29. Aren’t you going to introduce me?

30. Why didn’t you tell me?

31. Hello.

32. Shake it off.

33. I agree.

34. Text me when you get there.

35. Who’s that?

36. Why?

37. That’s awesome.

38. How’s it going?

39. Smile!

40. Give me your phone.

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