7 Challenges Way Better Than the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

by Kristen Schrotberger
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Have y’all see them youngsters running around the Internet trying to plump up their lips by sucking on shot glasses so they can look like Kylie Jenner? I mean, she’s cute and all, but what the hell is going on? Is that not the stupidest shit you’ve ever heard? I mean, people are literally busting their mouths open. It’s a special kind of crazy trend that needs to stop now. Like right now.

So…here is a list of challenges that (I think) are way cooler than the Lip Challenge:

1. The Chip And Dip Challenge: I mean, who doesn’t love chips and dips? Buy some of this deliciousness and eat the shit out of it. I’m totally up for that challenge. In fact…I don’t mind if I do…ooooohh and there are so many options. Holy guacamol-ay.

2. The Let ‘er Rip Challenge: This is for the new couples out there. It’s bound to happen sooner or later, so be bold. Be daring. Be the first one to let ‘er rip. It will take your relationship to a new level. And if your partner bolts…they weren’t the one for you anyway.

3. The Take A New Trip Challenge: Make a list of places you want to go. If you always vacay at Lake Tahoe, change it up. Explore new options. I would suggest staying away from certain areas, like North Korea and so on, but travel! Expand your horizons.

4. The Banana Clip Challenge: Why the hell not??? It’s been years and I think it is time to bring back the banana clip. Pony tails are so “always.” Let’s trend the fuck out of this and we’ll all be sporting a new look that literally takes like four tries to get it right, but once you do…it’s PERFECTION, and no one gets hurt.

5. The Leave A Good Tip Challenge: Step up the tip and make someone’s day. It feels so good to do something like that, and you can make up for the fact that you might have acted like an asshole one time in your life. Go on and tip. Tip like the wind!

6. The Take A Sip Challenge: This one is super easy, but fun. Pour wine. Take a sip.

7. The Get A Grip Challenge: This one is specifically for those people sucking on shot glasses, who have partaken or are considering partaking in the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. Seriously, what in the hay-ell are you doing? You want fuller lips…? Try lip liner…but don’t break your face. It’s really just a bad idea, like one of the worst ideas ever. So, I am challenging you: Get a fucking grip!

And here’s one last challenge (even though this one doesn’t rhyme with lip): Do something good. It could be something as simple as filling someone’s meter, or getting involved in a cause that you care about. Be there for someone. Just put some good into the world. You don’t need fuller lips to do that.

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