7 Signs That You’re An Adult-Child

by Laura Bower
A couple having fun on the beach like an adult-child
Mixmike / Getty

I have a confession to make: I’m an adult-child.

What is an adult-child? Well, it’s when you’re basically a child living in an adult body. Sure, you enjoy wine and the occasional R-rated movie, but you also love fruit snacks and you just binge-watched Boy Meets World over the holidays. Oh, and you still rock out to the Spice Girls when your alone in the car. If this sounds like you, then you may be an adult-child.

It’s not a crime to want to stay young. In fact, I’ve learned to embrace it because adulting is freaking hard! Hold onto your Capri-Sun because here are 7 signs that may indicate that you’re an adult-child.

You lack certain adulting skills.

It could be doing your taxes, applying makeup, or paying your bills on time….you suck at these things and you often get hounded by adults more adulteir than you to wise up.

Uh, whatever. Rolls eyes and smacks gum.

You laugh at inappropriate stuff.

You can almost always guarantee to find words like “penis,” “69,” or “Uranus” to be highly amusing and you’ve used the line “that’s what she said” more times than your friends can stand.

You can’t help it. It’s funny.

You’re into Disney movies way more than your kid probably is.

I won’t lie. I got uber excited when Despicable Me 3 came out. I will gladly sit down with my kid, turn on Moana, and sing along to every song.

And I’m still watching that damn cartoon an hour after my kid walked away from the TV.

I have to know what happens.

You still eat “kid” food.

While people my age may drink smoothies or granola for breakfast, some days I opt to eat my kids’ Fruity Pebbles cereal that was really bought for them, but I secretly wanted for myself.

Hey, it’s delicious. And I wanted the toy in the box.

Or some nights, you opt to eat some mac and cheese and dinosaur fun-nuggets with your kids. And don’t forget the chocolate milk. You run a train on that chocolate milk.

You find video games just as satisfying as you did when you were 10.

I’ve spent many nights playing Mario with my husband while avoiding everything adult-y. It’s always amazing and playing video games is a great stress reliever and not to mention, it can be a bonding experience. I find the older games like Mario or Donkey Kong incredibly fun and nostalgic.

And perhaps one day, might get called a cool parent from your kid after beating that hard boss.

Your clothes are usually mismatched and wrinkly.

I can’t tell you how many times I (knowingly) went out in public wearing clothes that didn’t match. And it wasn’t until a short few years ago that I learned that black and brown shouldn’t go together. WTF? No white after labor day? I’m confused…someone tell me what that means. And ironing clothes? I don’t even own an iron.

Rock on, wrinkly clothes. Rock on.

You take naps.

Naps are important, people! I have no shame snuggling up with my blankie and snoozing.

I need my sleep or else the grouchy-toddler in me comes out.

Listen, if you can relate to any of this, don’t be ashamed. It’s okay to be a little immature and free-spirited. I believe that we all have an inner child inside of us just begging to play Mario while eating dinosaur fun-nuggets and drinking chocolate milk. So do it. And take a nap after your done.