A Weekend Alone Was Exactly What I Needed To Combat My Mom Burnout

by Shaye Wyllie
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After watching a few episodes of “What If” on Disney Plus — their latest Marvel series, which flips the script on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, reimagining famous events from the films in unexpected ways — the mom in me immediately started thinking … “What If.”

What if moms “flipped the script” on their households? What if instead of our kids running away, WE ran away?

What if I ran away for the weekend to watch TV in peace?

What if I checked into a hotel all by myself, just so I could catch up on my favorite shows, and have some me time, without my kid interrupting me every five seconds?

Would it be worth the price tag?

Would it be worth the chaos I may have to endure once the weekend ends?

Well, there’s only one way to find out, right? So … I did it!

I ran away from home, and spent the weekend in a hotel, alone.

I brought my favorite snacks, and watched TV all weekend long! Why you ask? Because I freaking deserve it, damn it!

And I’m convinced ALL moms deserve at least one weekend away a year! If not one every month.

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So this is your reminder, from one mother to another, to please take a break, and spend some time alone, without those nagging kids, and possibly an equally annoying — ahem, I mean joyful — husband, who also has needs.

I know it sounds like utter nonsense to pay for silence, but I mean … how can one put a price tag on such an amazing thing?

Can you imagine an ENTIRE weekend of silence?

Just the TV, and you, munching on ALL your favorite foods?

WITHOUT the entire gang salivating over your shoulder, with their tiny little grubby hands out, waiting for a piece?

Imagine the silence when you roll over in bed at 9am in the morning — yes 9, not 6 — to flip your pillow to the “cool side”, as you gently close your eyes for another hour, because there’s absolutely no one begging you to get up to make breakfast.

I want that for you!

But like so many of you who are probably reading this right now, rolling your eyes at the thought of paying to leave your family behind, knowing the house may be in shambles when you come back because they couldn’t last one minute on their own, I too was skeptical! So I’ll be honest.

This amazing idea didn’t just pop into my head JUST because of Marvel’s new series, although the series is what reminded me to get up and go. The thoughts were already placed there by a friend — another mom who also has no shame in leaving her family behind for a weekend. And she does this quarterly!


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My friend Amiyrah made it a point to teach me that it’s okay to step away for a weekend. And you know what? She was absolutely right. My weekend was amazing!

I ordered food for one, stayed in bed, binge watched Netflix’s “Clickbait” after catching up on Marvel’s “What If” series, and enjoyed the silence.

And by the time the weekend was over, I was excited to go home to see my baby again! Okay, she’s nine, and she hates when I call her “my baby”, but you get my point!

My weekend staycation had given me the energy I needed to face our first week back to school (in person) after spending the last year and a half social distancing and learning virtually! I was up early the next morning with ease! No resentment whatsoever, despite knowing that my days of taking naps whenever I want were over.

So yeah, if you’ve been looking for a sign to take some time off, this is it!

Take that weekend off, damn it!

Enjoy being alone, without a list of demands, laundry, dishes, or any kind of work related activities. Leave them at home with the rest of your family. And please don’t forget to leave the “mom guilt” at home as well — that’s not needed where you’re going!

After the five years we’ve spent in this panini, walking on eggshells, scared for our lives — literally — it’s time we reclaim our time, and happiness. But safely though. Like with masks and Clorox wipes and shit, ‘cause there’s still a whole-ass pandemic happening and you can never be too careful. I said live, and enjoy your weekend, not risk your entire life, k?

Now go! Start planning that getaway, sis!

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