The 5 Best Nursing Pillows For Twins, According To A Feeding Expert

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It takes a village to raise a child. Yet, there are times in motherhood when even the best support system can only go so far. If you’ve experienced breastfeeding firsthand, you know what we mean. In those early days when you’re still trying to figure out the best nursing position, you may likely be wondering if a comfortable option even exists. For twin moms, this stage can be twice the challenge. No surprise there. Thankfully, the best nursing pillows for twins have comfortable, ergonomic designs that can help free up your hands while you get those babies fed.

Scary Mommy reached out to Dr. Jenelle Ferry, M.D. to learn more about what to look for when shopping for the best twin nursing pillow.

The Expert

Dr. Ferry is a Florida-based neonatologist and the director of feeding, nutrition, and infant development at Pediatrix Medical Group. She is board certified in pediatrics with a special interest in breastfeeding. She received her medical training from the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine and completed her residency in pediatrics and fellowship in neonatal-perinatal medicine at Louisiana State University - New Orleans.

How Do You Use A Nursing Pillow For Twins?

If you’re a twin mama, or about to be, you may be wondering if nursing twins simultaneously is even a possibility, and what the best positions are for putting that twin nursing pillow to work. According to Dr. Ferry, “[Nursing twins] takes some practice and may not be possible for every mom. When your twins are first born it may be necessary to feed them one after the other, as establishing good latching and figuring out which holds work best for you and baby can take some time.”

So what is the best hold for nursing twins with a nursing pillow? Ferry says there are a few successful twin nursing positions, including the football, criss-cross, and tangle, adding that “A specific product like a twin nursing pillow will likely be most helpful if you are choosing the football hold.” Most twin nursing pillows are designed to be used with this position, though some can even be used for bottle feeding if used correctly and safely. “A breastfeeding pillow can be used with bottle feeding to hold the infant in a semi-reclined position. As with singleton infants, you always want to avoid bottle propping when using pillows this way as this can cause milk to pool in your baby’s mouth and lead to choking,” says Ferry.

What To Look For When Shopping For Nursing Pillows For Twins

Ease of Use

You’ll want to make sure you’re able to quickly and easily position the pillow — because when babies have to eat, they have to eat. While it’s often not possible to test drive different nursing pillow models firsthand, shopper reviews can go a long way in telling you just how comfy and easy to use they are. For your convenience, we’ve scoured the reviews to make sure all of the picks here pass the twin feeding test.

Style & Care

Nursing pillows typically come in two styles: soft U-shaped bumpers and more structured wrap-arounds that clip on with a buckle. The soft bumpers are more multipurpose as they can be used from pregnancy through baby tummy time (and beyond). That said, the flatter wrap-around pillows make it harder for baby to roll off, and some moms welcome the firmer support. Choosing which one is right for you is really just a matter of personal preference — but no matter what, make sure the pillow you’re eyeing comes with a machine washable cover, because there will be milk spills.

Scroll on to find the best nursing pillow for your needs — and if you’re supplementing with bottles, don’t forget to pick up one of the best bottle warmer for twins while you’re at it.

1. This Supportive Pillow For Tandem Nursing

With its firm, flat top, the My Brest Friend nursing pillow is perfect for twins. There’s a supportive back rest for you to help prevent back pain, and it buckles closed for a secure fit (no matter how much those babies are squirming). There’s even a handy pouch pocket for keeping your phone or water bottle close. The removable slipcover is machine washable, too.

Helpful Review: “The most life-changing Amazon purchase I’ve ever had. I bought this for my wife, and it has completely change our lives. We had twins a couple months ago, and my wife has not enjoyed tandem feeding. She had to hold the babies in place with her arms in our bed and couldn't help our toddler with anything. So she was feeding the twins one at a time, which frustrated the babies, our toddler, and my wife. Plus it took double the time. Now she can tandem feed just about anywhere and have her hands free. The babies just lay on it like it's a table. She can sit in the floor of our toddler's room while he plays with toys or even use her hands to help him on occasion. We're so thankful for this pillow. If you have twins, this is an absolute must-have.”

2. The Twin Z Nursing Pillow That’s Cuddly Soft

The founder of the Twin Z Pillow was a twin mom struggling to find a pillow that could serve the multiple functions she needed — so she designed one herself. This Shark-Tank-backed twin nursing pillow works for breast or bottle feeding, tummy time, infant support, as a pregnancy pillow, and more. The supportive pillow is hypoallergenic, and the machine-washable cover has a cuddly texture.

Helpful Review: “Saw this product on Shark Tank when I was pregnant with twins and knew I had to have it! Since my babies have been born it has been a real lifesaver for me when it comes to feeding them at the same time! My feeding system/schedule would not be possible without this pillow. The cover is very plush and the babies love it. A must have for anyone expecting twins!”

3. A Splurge-Worthy Nursing Pillow That Stacks

This twin nursing pillow is a little pricey, but totally worth it since it’s actually two pillows in one that can either be stacked (no hunched-over nursing sessions with this pillow) or used separately for bottle feeding, tummy time, our lounging. And because there’s nothing like a good massage after a long nursing session, this nursing pillow can lay flat, turning into a portable massage table for you (yes, really!). It comes with a supportive wrap-around design that buckles closed, and the plush cover is machine washable.

Helpful Review: “I love this breastfeeding pillow so much! Other pillows never worked for me- not high enough for baby to actually reach my breast without lots of extra pillows to help. This is at the exact right height. I also am in love with the back support. So many hours spent feeding baby leads to a sore back and this helps eliminate that! I also just love the softness of the pillow in general...I find myself just petting it while I sit:). Thank you TwinGo! You’ve solved so many issues in one product! Will definitely recommend to other new moms- both twin and single!!”

4. An Organic Nursing Pillow

Not all moms will be able to tandem nurse, and that’s okay! If you’ll be doing back-to-back feedings with your babies, this modern, organic nursing pillow is just the thing. The outer shell is made from 100% organic cotton that’s breathable and nontoxic, guaranteeing a safe surface for your precious babies to rest on during nursing sessions. Because the ends are crafted in a narrow design, this nursing pillow makes using it in a reclined position super comfy. And the entire pillow is machine washable. Plus, it’s available in chic, muted colors, like slate and moss.

Helpful Review: “I used boppy for my first child, and tried out SnuggleMe for my second and it was such a game changer! I have a long torso, so the bobby was never high enough. The SnuggleMe was perfect, bringing my son right to me. No hunching over and painful arms and shoulders! Absolutely love it.”

5. This U-Shaped Full-Body Pillow For Pregnancy, Nursing, & Beyond

If you’re shopping as you enter the later stages of pregnancy, this full-body maternity pillow is going to be a must for ensuring a good night’s sleep now and later. As one reviewer noted, “Wife is growing with twins. Got this for her and she loves it.” Thanks to the soft, U-shape bumper design, it aligns with your body for maximum comfort. And when you’re on to the breastfeeding stage, it will double as a twin nursing pillow with room for propping two babies (and your back!). It comes with a soft jersey knit cover that is removable and machine washable.

Helpful Review: “I ordered this pillow back in June or July of last year at the beginning of my 2nd trimester, and I loved it. It helped with my lower back pain, helped ease hip pain, and super comfy and soft. Now that my little one is here, it's doubled up as a breastfeeding pillow.”

The Expert:

Dr. Jenelle Ferry, M.D., neonatologist and director of feeding, nutrition, and infant development at Pediatrix Medical Group.