Can't Get Your Baby To Take A Bottle? This Mom Has A Unique (And Genius) Hack

by Caila Smith
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A baby sitting and crying while someone handles it a bottle.
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If you have a breastfed baby who takes to a bottle without issue, good for you. But for so many moms, that’s not the experience they’ve had, or are having, with their babies. And make no mistake, it can make going back to work, or even running errands alone, positively dreadful (sometimes even impossible) for mothers.

It’s a stressful situation is for everyone involved. Not only does a baby refusing a bottle create tension on the hungry baby, but it also causes stress for the parents and whoever may be watching the little one. This, in turn, causes even more stress on the baby because they are picking up on their caregiver’s chaotic energy. Then you’re in a shitstorm with a crying, hungry baby (and possibly even a crying caregiver), and in the end, everybody is begging mom to come back home.

You see it on social media — new and experienced moms alike desperate to find the right kind of bottle for their breastfed baby. Or, some never-before-thought-of life hack that tricks them into drinking from something that’s not straight from the source. We’ve seen pictures of dads hilariously cutting holes into their t-shirts, sticking the nipple of a bottle through them, and taping a picture of mom’s face to their own. But, I’m going to go out on a limb and venture to say that you’ve never seen the adhesive bra trick that is so simple you’ll wonder why you’ve never thought of it before.

TikToker @shiskaboobs (how fitting) is praised for her dynamic DIY — adhesive bra bottles. Some might say it’s outrageous, others may think it to be funny, but breastfeeding moms everywhere are thinking one thing: how genius.

This mom claims that her baby is weaned and she just wanted to share her idea with others who may find it useful. But it seems she is no stranger to the challenges presented when switching a breastfed baby over to a bottle. “Getting breastfed babies to take a bottle is a bitch,” @shiskaboobs said in the captions on her video.

*and all the breastfeeding moms said amen*

She starts by cutting holes smack dab in the center of her adhesive bra where you’d imagine nipples might be. She then hilariously sticks a Comotomo bottle nipple through the holes and shows as her son takes to the artificial “boobie” without issue. The video with over 30 million views was meant to be a joke, but users couldn’t get over how brilliant this hack is. Some even stated that they were going to try it out for their babes.

“I have to try this,” said one parent.

“That’s actually a good idea,” said another.

“OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER,” another mama commented.

And we agree. But while some parents were thinking about how brilliant this hack is for when mom is out of town or working, several others had different ideas about who would get the best use out of these faux-boobies.

“There you go now men can feed the babies … mums can get some sleep,” one commenter said.


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Dads, it looks like your excuses have run dry with this trick out in the open. Get ready to go shopping, because it’s adhesive bra-buying time.

Moms might already own a pair of these bad boys for backless dresses or strapless tops. If you do, then you already know how life-like they are. Most of them even come in a variety of colors to match skin tones. They are like little implants for the outside of your body.

I know that when my kids were nursing, they craved the squishy feeling of my breasts — something they couldn’t get from a bottle. They liked to knead at my boobs as if they were their little stress balls. Even if on my end it felt more like I was their human punching bag or scratchpad. This adhesive bra trick might just give little ones that same input they are seeking.

This hack mothers have been searching for could be no further than the back of their dresser drawers. Bottles meant for breastfed babies aren’t guaranteed to work on every breastfed baby. Not only that, but they can get costly. A single bottle can cost upwards of $30 or more. If your breastfed baby doesn’t like it, you’re essentially flushing a lot of money down the toilet. This can be even more stress-inducing for parents who are ballin’ on a budget.

I’ve even seen some parents taking to social media to see if they can simply borrow a variety of different bottles just so they can find the right one to purchase for their baby without spending boocoo bucks. Because let’s be honest, it’s hard justifying spending $30+ on a bottle that might work.

With this inexpensive, adhesive bra hack, parents and babies alike might just be able to have the best of both worlds.

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