This Wife Has Had Enough Of Her Husband's Yearly Michael Myers Prank

by Sarah Bregel
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A husband dressed as Michael Myers for a yearly prank on wife
Sabrina Zimmerman

This wife was less than psyched to see her husband riding around the neighborhood in a Michael Myers costume

Husbands. You never know what they’re gonna do next amirite? One second they’re taking the world’s longest dump while staring at their phones for five hours and hiding from their families. The next, they’re cruising the neighborhood to celebrate Halloween dressed as a killer from arguably the most famous scary movie of all time.

Not so much with the second one? Well, tell that to Sabrina Zimmerman, an Indiana mom who just about lost her shit when she saw her husband doing just that. She was driving home when she spotted Michael Myers, aka Evan Zimmerman, aka her hubslice, cruising around on a bike dragging a skeleton behind him. Clearly, this guy loves the 1978 slasher film Halloween. Or he loves Halloween in general. Or he loves pissing off his wife.

Who can tell? Michael’s lip are sealed.

“There’s something about Michael with the white face and the way he walks,” Evan told TODAY Parents. “He creeps people out more than anybody.” Why yes, yes he does. Luckily, the video his wife captured and shared on social media was nothing short of hilarious. Especially because her reaction to seeing her husband getting wayyyy too into Halloween is classic angry wife and it’s just too good.

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“What the hell are you doing?” Sabrina demands as she approaches him. “Are we those those people now?” Sabrina asks. Then, she tells him, fittingly, that if he doesn’t get the hell home she’s going to have him committed before uttering to her child in the car, “I leave to pick you up from a football game and your dad does this crap.”

Seems appropriate, TBH. But actually, this isn’t the first time Evan has dressed up as Michael Myers. He told TODAY he has done it a few years in a row but this is the first time his wife caught him on camera. And he doesn’t stop at bike riding, either. He actually goes all out to scare people except for old folks. They’re off-limits.

Sabrina Zimmerman

“I’ll stand in random peoples’ yards and look at them through the window until they notice me standing there,” Evan says. “I carry a fake butcher knife.” Somehow, he’s never gotten hurt. “I had a situation last week, where a guy said he was going to shoot me,” Evan said, pointing out that during even that potentially dangerous confrontation, he “never broke character.”

Um, remind us to never live in the Zimmermans’ neighborhood. Because NOPE.

However, we might be alone in our terror. It sounds like folks are largely into this dad’s yearly horror film prank. “A lot of the children want their picture with me. Not all of them, but a majority do,” Evan said. “I get a lot of requests from parents wanting me to scare their kids.” As for Sabrina, Evan admitted she worries something bad is going to happen to him. “She always talks about how I give her anxiety,” he said. “But in reality she loves that I do this.”

We’re not totally sold on her loving it, but thankfully, it’s really fun to watch her flip out through the safety of our social media lens. Coming home to it, on the other hand? Yeah, we’d have some raging anxiety, too. At the very least, Halloween will be over soon… until next year.

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