Does Your Baby’s Diaper Actually Fit? This Quiz Helps You Find Out

Ayo, (diaper) fit check.

Diaper fit seems like it should be pretty easy to determine. Just check the size guide, right? Well, yeah, but sometimes the size guide only gives you half the story. The other half comes in noticing how the diaper actually fits on your baby.

Confused? Don’t be. Just like there are many ways to tell if a pair of jeans fits your body the way you want, there are many ways to determine if a diaper is doing the most for your baby. Especially as they start rolling, scooting, crawling, and standing, you’ll naturally start paying closer attention to things like how well your baby’s diaper holds up against leaks and blowouts (thank goodness for diapers like Huggies Little Movers that are designed to help contain the mess), or how well it’s fitting around those wiggly baby thighs.

Curious about how well your baby’s diaper is fitting their body? Keep scrolling for three simple questions that’ll help you determine if they’re wearing the right size.

Question 1

Have you noticed any red marks along your baby’s thigh?

Question 2

How frequently is your baby’s diaper leaking (or worse: blowing out)?

Question 3

How does your baby's diaper fit around their waist?

Feeling like it’s time to adjust your baby’s size? Huggies is the number one fitting diaper* with its curved and stretchy fit, designed to help eliminate gaps to keep your little mover snug and secure while they’re on the move. Shop your baby’s ideal fit below!

*Wet fit, among branded open diapers.

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