From The Confessional: I Definitely Have A Favorite Child

by Cassandra Stone
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These moms are ‘fessing up: When it comes to their kids, one of them definitely stands out among the rest

Sometimes you just can’t help it—you favor one child over the others. Maybe the “favorite child” changes day by day or week by week, or maybe you’ve had a ride-or-die kiddo from day one and nothing will ever change it.

Either way, no good parent actually wants to have a favorite child (or at least make it obvious who the favorite is). But…it happens. Even if it shouldn’t. Those of us who grew up not being the favorite of either of our parents (*cough, cough ME*) are especially adamant about not having a favorite child.

But the moms in our Confessional are ‘fessing up about their faves. Do YOU have a favorite?

I definitely have a favorite child. It’s so hard not to—DS is the kindest human being I’ve ever met, and a joy to parent.

Confessional #25858845

I've been pregnant four times. Only one was planned. He's my favorite child.

Confessional #25844649

I definitely have a favorite child. And she has 4 paws.

Confessional #25828306

It's official. My 12 y.o. Cairn terrier is my favorite child.

Confessional #25825481

Sometimes the favorite is of the four-legged variety—we totally get it.

I know parents don't have favorite children blah blah blah, but I like my youngest kid so much more than my moody oldest child right now. Sorry.

Confessional #25751447

There's a running joke in my family that the hamster is my favorite child, because she's quiet and stays where I put her. The sad part is I think I really do love the hamster the best. It's not just a joke. I'm a horrible mom.

Confessional #25751286

To be clear, the furry favorite can be any kind of four-legged creature.

H has a favorite child and the others are on to it. Feel bad for all of them.

Confessional #22660557

I don't have a favorite child, but I do have a least favorite, and she's the oldest. Can't wait until she's 18. 3 yrs. to go. Bye..

Confessional #22580113

I love all of my children equally. But I do have a favorite and a least favorite child. Its not always the same, and usually revolves around who is being less of an asshole at the time.

Confessional #21651140

See? Now this is how you do it. Rotate the favorites! Give each one a chance to shine (when they’re not being assholes).

I have a favorite child and anyone who says they don't is lying.

Confessional #19965562

I have a definite favorite child. I love both of my kids, but only like one.

Confessional #14085957

my DD8 spends every second 8am to 9pm outside(have to drag her in from the rain).... she is my favorite child

Confessional #13074379

I have a favorite child and I feel so guilty to admit it. I love all of my children equally but I just like hanging out and doing stuff with one particular child more. It’s not like I don’t try to with the others, it just comes more easily with one.

Confessional #9112229

Maybe in instances like this one, it’s not about favoring a child. It’s about having more common ground with one child, more similarities and shared hobbies. And that’s OK! As long as your other kids get time and love from you, there’s nothing wrong with that.

I'm not supposed to have a favorite child but, God help me, I do! One son is pleasant, quiet, and offers to help me with tasks and chores. The others are loud, obnoxious, demanding, and full of attitude. How the hell am I supposed to NOT favor him?

Confessional #8677903

I don't have a favorite child... But I do have a least favorite. DS10 it really sucks at everything and acts 6. He annoys the shit out of me! Of course I love him but it's hard to like him. Mom fail.

Confessional #8572583

My favorite child is always the baby. I'm done having babies now. I wonder if eventually I'll hate all my children because they have grown up

Confessional #5311671

Having my first child was the biggest mistake of my life. I wish I had given the baby up for adoption. Now I have 2 and it's obvious who is the favorite child.

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I was super upset when I got pregnant on the pill with ds2. I was in the middle of major weight loss and was upset I had to stop, sometimes wished I wasnt pregnant. But now I think he is my favorite child and I feel guilt every day for not wanting him.

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And finally, one we can ALL relate to:

My favorite child is whichever one is asleep.

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