Fever Stickers Make It Easier To Check A Sick Little One's Temp

by Sarah Hosseini
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A child sleeping with a toy and a fever sticker on both of their heads checking the temperature
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Fever stickers are magic when dealing with sick kids

We’ve all been there. Your kid is sick and running a fever. After all day of being miserable they finally drift off to sleep. The last thing on earth you want to do is wake your sleeping child every few hours to take their temperature. Enter fever stickers.

Physio Logic’s Fever-Bugz Stick on Fever Indicators seem like they could be a game changer. No more waking up your kid by shoving a thermometer in their mouth, ear, or for the babies – the bum. You simply slap one of these puppies (or lady bug, butterflies, or worms) on your kid’s forehead and keep it there all night.

The stickers are nothing new, they’ve been on the market for a couple of years but everyone’s talking about them after Lisa Ling, the host of CNN’s This Is Life and a fellow mom, shared a recent experience she had with them on Facebook while traveling with her little one. Her daughter ended up getting a fever while they were away, and Ling didn’t want to spend a hundred bucks on an ear thermometer when she already had one at home. So her sister gave her some fever stickers, and Ling was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

The way they work is so simple. You stick the sticker on your child’s head and within seconds the sticker will light up and indicate your child’s temperature within one degree Fahrenheit on one of the black dots. If your child’s temperature is normal, the big green “N” will light up. The stickers work for 48 hours.

Ling said, “Obsessed! These are going into my travel kit stat!”

Honestly, same. As a mom of two young kids, I’m stocking up on these before I go on our trip to India in a few weeks. I’ve been on vacations before where I forgot the thermometer – it’s not fun.

The other great thing about these stickers – they’re easy on the bank account. For a box of eight, Amazon is selling them for $6.50. (we checked and yes, they’re eligible for Prime shipping).

While we’re not planning on replacing our trusty thermometers, these seem like they’re a convenient option if you don’t have one handy. Or when your sick kiddo is finally fast asleep and getting some much-needed rest. As many caretakers and parents know – no one likes waking a fussy and sick kid from their sleep. Before you know it, you’re pulling an all-nighter (not the fun kind) because you’re trying every trick in the book to get your kid back to sleep.

With these fever stickers on the scene, it appears disrupting a sick kid from their much-needed slumber is a thing of the past.

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