8 Fireplace Baby Gates That Keep Curiosity At A Safe Distance

Keep your anxiety in check while the fire roars.

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best fireplace baby gates
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Fireplace baby gates, playpens, baby gates for stairs... the list of baby-proofing items goes on, and if you have a fireplace in your home, you’ll definitely want a barrier between the hearth and your little one. Fireplaces add ambiance, coziness, and warmth to a room, but they aren’t exactly safe for babies and toddlers who have a strong sense of curiosity.

How To Baby-Proof A Fire Place

The best way to combat the dangers of your fireplace is by setting up a baby-proof fireplace gate. And here’s the fun thing about them: Fireplace baby gates are just regular baby gates until you place them in front of a fireplace; only, they have to be sturdy enough to withstand a little one trying with all their tiny might to knock it over.

Types Of Fireplace Baby Gates

There are two types of baby-proof fireplace gates to consider: hardware-mounted and pressure-mounted. Hardware-mounted baby gates are the most secure and are screwed into a wall. If you aren’t into wall holes, you might be better suited for a pressure-mounted baby gate, which is one that stands up on its own and can be moved anywhere.

As parents, we shield our kids from as many figurative and physical dangers as possible, so you certainly don’t need us to tell you that a fireplace is one of those physical dangers. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that kids do dumb things like stick their adorable, chubby little hands where it’s hot. So, take a look at the best fireplace baby gates below to find the best one for your home and family.

Best Fireplace Baby Gates

With thousands of positive reviews — over 21,000 to be exact — this popular baby gate from Regalo is a favorite among parents. It’s safe, versatile, and can either be wall-mounted or pressure-mounted. Either way, it’s sturdy enough to hold the weight of a baby or toddler leaning on it. Also, it’s super wide at 192 inches, but it has the ability to convert to an eight-panel gate, perfect for fireplaces. It comes with a four-pack of wall mounts.

One Reviewer Wrote: “My 14-month-old hit his face on our brick around the fireplace and busted his lip. We researched options and thought a gate would work best. That same night I ordered this gate to go around it and it’s PERFECT. My husband installed it in less than 10 minutes. Highly recommend.” — Jason and Rebecca M.

We’re all about options, and with this stained wood baby gate, you have the option to hook it to a wall with hardware (sold separately) or it can be placed in front of your fireplace as a freestanding gate. It has six panels and a swinging walk-through door with a double-locking system. At 40 inches tall and 151 inches wide, this baby gate is big enough for wide fireplaces, and then some. With a 4.8 out of five-star rating, Amazon customers agree that this is a pretty fantastic gate.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is a very sturdy product. I actually have it around my fireplace without actually drilling it in and it stays up [with] no problem and has survived my toddler for months now. The wood is a nice color and actually fits seamlessly with our family room. I have a second one around our entryway, again without even drilling it in and it works perfectly!” — Maria

Let’s be real — fireplace baby gates aren’t cute, but they’re necessary. Made of durable tubular steel (in other words, your Hulk baby won’t be able to bend the bars to squeeze through), this Costzon gate comes in white or black, and it’s 155 inches wide with five panels. It’s pressure-mounted with a walk-through door and a double-locking system. It also works well for outdoor fire pits.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Perfect fit for our fireplace! No more worries about my little one getting hurt by the stone hearth or the winter fires we enjoy.” — Carrie L. Vanhoose

If your fireplace is on the smaller side, this baby gate is a good option. In fact, there are two sizes to choose from: One is 122 inches wide with five panels and the other is 74 inches with three panels, Both are available in black and white. The gate is easily portable and can be used elsewhere throughout your home when you aren’t using the fireplace — like at the top or bottom of the stairs or for blocking off a room. The gate is heavy and sturdy and can be mounted to the wall for even better protection. According to reviews, it’s quick and easy to put together, which is always a plus.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I bought this gate to put around my large elevated stone hearth around my fireplace to keep the grandkids away. Very sturdy metal bars and the plastic connectors are also very strong. I would recommend... that felt pads be placed under the brackets that touch the floor if you have hardwood floors like I do. Easy to put together. If you need to remove a section after connecting it, be careful not to push the retainer clip in too far, or it will get stuck. Pleased with the purchase and would recommend the unit and the seller.” — Tom

If you’re looking for a reliable fireplace fence that also makes your home look great, the KINGMAZI is a solid choice. Good to keep both kids and pets away from dangerous zones, you’ll need to drill this gate into the wall with screws for maximum protection. It also has a double lock system that’s bound to confuse your curious toddler. In total, this gate is 80 inches long, making it more than capable to serve as a barrier around anything you need to protect.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Bought this gate to prevent pet bunny from going upstairs and will soon serve as a baby gate for my granddaughter too. Did take a bit more time to install with the added wall pads (separate purchase), but it's relatively easy to install. Very sturdy. The double locking system is definitely childproof (might be adult proof too, if one does not know to press both [the] top and bottom on the handle and lift at the same time.) Nice quality. I like the flexibility of the width with different sizes of extension panels so I can move it to a different place when needed.” — alm1511

A retractable baby gate? Yes, it exists — and, it’s incredible. This gate is great to keep your toddler out of the room entirely when there’s a fire going. It’s also an attractive option that’s less clunky than other types of gates. It extends up to 55 inches and is 33 inches tall. One of the best things about this option is that you can use it one-handed, making it a convenient choice for new moms. You can also move it and use it as a way to safeguard the staircase when your fireplace isn’t in use.

One Reviewer Wrote: “The paper guides made this gate super easy to install. Only took about 10 minutes. Easy to install. Easy to use. Easy to move. [I] like that they include two sets of clips so you can use it in multiple locations around your house. Like the extra height and longer width so it fits different locations well.” — bklvr33

Speaking of gates that look a little different, this adjustable option from Oleksil is a great quick fix. It has side panels that make it stand up sturdy, yet it’s light enough to move wherever you need it. Are you and your baby visiting a family member with a fireplace? You might want to bring this along, just for some additional peace of mind. It comes in three different sizes, so you can pick the one that best fits your home (or Nana’s home).

One Reviewer Wrote: “My very active toddler, who is on the spectrum, recently fell and hit his head on the rocks of our fireplace. After reviewing many gates that have to be bolted to the wall, I chose this one instead. I love it, it fits perfectly in front of the fireplace. I can move it to clean and it does no damage to the wall. I do have the toy shelves on the left pressing against it so that he cannot move the gate. If you have a bouncing, running toddler in your home, this is the gate for you.” — hstone

Want to eliminate any temptation of the fireplace altogether? Then, block it out of your baby’s view for good. This fireplace screen is a good option for babies who are just figuring out how to crawl. It measures 51.5 inches long when it’s expanded all the way, and is made of mesh that’s capable of blocking any sparks that might make their way out of the fireplace. It’s also foldable, making it easy to store away when necessary.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I got this to cover the glass of my gas fireplace because it gets terrifyingly hot and I have a 3-year-old. It is working perfectly and no part of the gate gets hot either when the heat is on. Such a relief!! Of course, I still keep my son away from the fireplace but at least there is a buffer zone now.” — Mamalorian

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