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'22 Years Married To An Awful Kisser'

21 parents share what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn
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The holiday season can feel like the Default Parent Olympics — when you still have to do all your normal tasks, but add extra cooking, cleaning, hosting, gifting, and general magic-making to the list. Most wonderful time of the year? Maybe, but also the most exhausting. Read on for confessions about holiday stress, relationship woes, bedtime battles, and more.

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I’m tired of doing EVERYTHING for the holidays!!!!!

Confessional #77828123

I’m tired of taking on my teens emotions

Confessional #73298265

I have never been in love...married 16 years btw

Confessional #72937846

New MS diagnosis & worried how it is going to affect me as a mom &wife. So many unknowns

Confessional #73781293

Glad I had to have maj surgery bc hubs has to get up with the baby (never has 2 kids in!)

Confessional #75039485

22 years married to an awful kisser, I miss being kissed 😭​

Confessional #72615498

Cant be bothered to organise Christmas stuff. Husband doesn’t realise the effort that goes in!

Confessional #77165490

Sick of husband asking what I want for Xmas. Just buy me something! You know me!

Confessional #76198261

I feel stuck in my marriage. He’s never going to change...

Just want someone else to make the holidays happen this year. I’ve done it for the last 6 myself.

Confessional #71788276

Tired of buying n making food

Confessional #76651928

I want a clean house and a fridge full if food for Christmas - no presents just sanity

Confessional #71012938

I accidentally made someone feel bad today & now I will think about that all night 😞​

Confessional #71629092

Hate that husband won’t help with Christmas

Confessional #71816549

I kissed someone who isn’t my husband, and I really enjoyed it.

Confessional #76198276

I just ran 5 miles, I feel like a badass!

Confessional #77618273

I sometimes work late because I can’t handle the battle of putting kids to bed

Confessional #78265374

My husband forgot my birthday. F*ck him.

Confessional #71654329

I feel RAGE that my husband gets to go on a work trip and leave me home with kids

Confessional #71817263

My daughter got the flu on the one week of paid vacation I have. I feel guilty for feeling frustrated.

Confessional #77482938

My 10 y.o. was complaining about being stressed and I wanted to be like girl please

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