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From The Confessional: ‘Enough Already, Pajama Day!’

27 anonymous confessions about the chaos that is the end of the school year

by Emma Coburn
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Ah, the end of the school year. That two- or three-week period when suddenly, every Tuesday there’s a random celebration at 1:30pm. Or a spirit week dress-up request that everyone forgot about until 45 seconds before the bus arrives. Where was this energy in February?! Today in the Scary Mommy Confessional, 27 parents share their good, bad, and bittersweet reactions to this time of year.

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I, too, need a summer vacation.

Confessional #77138299

I have worse Spring Fever than my kids.

Confessional #71829928

No, I cannot volunteer for that!

Confessional #78828293

I told my 4th grader that his grades don’t matter yet.

Confessional #71828991

Spirit month!?? Wtf

Confessional #71662563

I’m over all the damn “end of year” school activities! For the love of all that is holy - stop!!

Confessional #78290192

I don’t really like the teacher and don’t want to get her a gift

Confessional #71829928

When I taught, I HATED this time of year. I could finally teach, but the kids were over it.

Confessional #79826767

I will never, ever, ever, ever join the PTA because I don’t like other people’s kids

Confessional #71293728

I hate all the theme days at the end of the year.

Confessional #76356246

My kids tanked academically this year - feel it’s my fault for working two jobs

Confessional #71635253

School out in a few weeks that means more meals and snacks and moneys already tight.I’m stressing

Confessional #78281938

so many events to attend in the middle of the day! As a working parent it’s so tough

Confessional #78829128

I’m scared of summer camp summer weeks are jam packed... what was I thinking?

Confessional #78271267

Dreading being home for 3 months with 2 kids

Confessional #78128276

I’m not sure I want to limit screen time. It gives me time to breathe a little.

Confessional #76826663

I am so burnt out on being a mom. And now my kids will be home ALL THE TIME. I dread it.

Confessional #78236726

I’m TOTALLY losing it as my baby gets ready to start K in August, I will be a bawling mess.

Confessional #78129387

Why is the last day of school 2 hours. He is on the bus for one so three total. Why???

Confessional #78291287

I am a teacher and I can’t wait to just spend the summer with my kids and not be drained❤️ 

Confessional #76187645

There are 2 weeks after the end of school until camp starts. What’s a working parent supposed to do?

Confessional #78127736

Enough with the projects! How many do these kids have to do in a year? Jeez!

Confessional #71281936

My oldest is going into K next year, I’m terrified she’ll go one day and never come back.

Confessional #78629540

My 1st born just had her last day as a senior! Mix of emotions!

Confessional #71281271

I’m so glad school is almost done, middle school has been AWFUL

Confessional #74281938

We don’t need a spirit week with extra sh*t to remember. Enough already, pajama day!

Confessional #78129802

I’m already terrified for my daughter to start K in the fall. Why is school so scary now?!

Confessional #71281294

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