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From The Confessional: ‘I’d Rather Chew Off My Own Arm Than Have Another Child’

Parents share their honest, secret thoughts about having another baby.

by Emma Coburn
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There are plenty of thorny topics in parenting. Topics you might think about all the time... even if you don’t feel comfortable talking about them with others.

For many people, trying for another kid falls into this category. (Of course, that doesn’t usually stop nosy people from asking!) Maybe you thought you were a “one and done” family, but you’re starting to change your mind. Maybe two kids are overwhelming enough, and you’re not sure anymore about going for a third. Maybe you’ve always wanted several kids, but are struggling with secondary infertility. And of course, maybe you’re simply not sure what to think at all.

Whether or not you’ve shared these thoughts with your family, friends — or even your partner — lots of you have shared them with the Scary Mommy confessional. Here are 25 confessions about having another kid.

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I want another baby but my s.o keeps telling me next year next year next year..

Confessional #4785992

I’m unsure about having another baby as I love our 2 year old but HG and traumatic birth has us unsure.

Confessional #585201

I would rather chew off my own arm than have another child.

Confessional #7004031

I want another kid but husband is a firm one and done.

Confessional #1294813

I’m worried about life with two kids.

Confessional #8629091

I’m more sad than excited for my second child to be born.

Confessional #8011293

I’m dying to have a last baby but hubby says no...completely uninterested in him at the moment

Confessional #589602

I always wanted two kids, but my body reacted horrible to first pregnancy😔​

Confessional #590951

Hubs & I want more kids, but I’m really unsure if my body could handle another birth

Confessional #568304

I don’t know if I want a second child, but I don’t want my daughter to feel lonely.

Confessional #4895902

Have a 3rd so i can go back on mat leave (18month is Canada). Dont want to work in office.

Confessional #227181

I’ve been trying to have another baby with no success I feel like a failure

Confessional #596903

I want my child to have a sibling but I don’t want to be pregnant again

Confessional #8693713

I’m dying for another kid, but terrified of reliving my last pregnancy and all the IVs.

I regret having a second kid. I’m so freaking tired.

Confessional #1294014

I want a 2nd but the first birth almost killed me, left me with actual PTSD (emergency c sec)

Confessional #590609

I wish we had one more kid (but two preemies is enough)

Confessional #7592893

I want a second child, but don’t feel that I’m good enough

Confessional #8602319

I often wish we’d had only one kid instead of two

Confessional #5546124

I want to have another child. It pains that I can’t have another

Confessional #5069133

Husband has changed his mind about wanting a bigger family, it’s a deal breaker for me.😬​

Confessional #6864041

I feel guilty every day for not being able to give my kid a sibling to play with.

Confessional #5960348

I’m going through IVF but not sure I want another child anymore

Confessional #2694512

I want another baby but I’m terrified of having pp anxiety again

Confessional #5950364

I want more kids, but I know that means another baby daddy... so, I won’t.


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