From The Confessional: “My Husband Annoys Me. A LOT.”

And 15 other anonymous relationship complaints

by Emma Coburn
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Confessional quote about an annoying husband
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Anyone in a long-term partnership or marriage knows it’s not always easy (yup, you can go ahead and nominate that for understatement of the year) — especially when there are kids involved. And I’m not even talking about any of the truly serious issues relationships can have — more the little things. Things that are minor, but still annoying enough to, say... inspire you to submit an anonymous confession. Here are 16 complaints about people’s husbands/partners from our Confessional.

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I still love my husband but I hate the way he smells. Total turn off

Confessional #8730351

I want my own room. Tired of sharing one with my husband!

Confessional #2684901

I am a better mom when my husband isn’t around.

Confessional #4689503

I hate that I do more than my husband. He helps but wish he did more!!

Confessional #7820024

The conversations between my partner and his siblings constantly remind me that I picked the smart one, but that isn’t saying much.

Confessional #25870921

I want a weekend to myself. I wouldn’t miss my kids. Or my husband

Confessional #27490145

I stopped doing DH's laundry when he told me that DS6 should learn how to do it by himself. If a 6yo can, a grown man can too. ;-)

Confessional #11599293

You know when the last time was that I did my husband's laundry? About 10 years ago when he said the only reason I washed his clothes was because I was too lazy to separate his and mine from the hamper. I haven't so much as picked up a dirty sock since.

Confessional #2279566

Payback’s a b*tch: my eternally absent and completely uninvolved workaholic husband is home for once so I took off with the car AND the remote control, leaving him alone with our two young children. MuahahahaHA!

Confessional #10329122

I feel like I’m roommates with my husband

Confessional #7339241

My husband annoys me. A LOT.

Confessional #7566914

DH, I understand that you would prefer that I go to work every day because then you get the house to yourself since you work from home, but you can suck it. I NEVER get alone time in this house and today I don't feel like making the drive, so there.

Confessional #25871336

I would really like to know what my DH was as a teenager. He gets impatient with DS14 and expects him to be like an adult. You want him to learn you have to be patient and guide him not get angry and rude

Confessional #25870761

My DH makes everything about him. Every. F*cking. Thing.

Confessional #25870701

My partner just asked me my goals for the year then proceeded to copy them for his own.

Confessional #25871269

Some days I feel like living with my husband is like living with a teenage boy.

Confessional #1288945

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