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From The Confessional: 'Husband Sees Hookers Daily'

20 parents share what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn

The Scary Mommy Confessional is a good place for secrets, however big or small they may be. Whether you suspect your dad and your babysitter are hooking up, or you just don’t want to tell anyone your due date, you can come here to anonymously share with the rest of us. Of course, you can share about anything else, too — like not trusting your SIL’s advice, or hating mealtime with kids. Read on to see what 20 people had to say this week.

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Sick, tired, kids are sick, husband is at work, I’m WFH with sick kids, I’m so tired

Confessional #29108745

Preggo with kid #2 and not sharing my due date this time around

Confessional #21998769

the phrase “i want mommy” makes my ears bleed

Confessional #21928768

In-laws moving in. Only happy bc they’re paying to finish our basement.

Confessional #21986079

So so tired of making all the decisions for my family.

Confessional #28192938

Don’t tell me to plan date nights when your MIL lives 5 min away. Not all of us have help.

Confessional #21819706

I’m a mom of 3 and Kinder teacher, love my job, but lately feel like doing more parenting than teaching

Confessional #22918768

My SIL is mad I don’t take her advice with an open mind. It’s bc I think she’s wrong.

Confessional #22387695

I dreamt I had an affair, and now I can’t stop thinking about the man from my dream

Confessional #23238392

I feel like my dad and my babysitter are hooking up... and my dad has a gf.

Confessional #29182767

I hate eating with my kids. It drains my soul. Every. Meal. Time.

Confessional #28212938

I’d be more into going for baby #3 if I could guarantee it would be a boy

Confessional #20192876

I never would have married my husband if I had known how selfish and lazy my inlaws are

Confessional #22819283

What’s with these boomer grandparents having too busy of a schedule to help

Confessional #29102938

I’m burnt out and tired of doing everything around my house.

Confessional #21928765

Husband and I are taking a break from each other and have no idea what’s next for us

Confessional #29182765

I don’t want to be with my husband anymore. Doing therapy just to say i tried

Confessional #29293847

I never thought I’d be someone who desperately wishes to win the lottery but now that’s me.

Confessional #29108756

Husband sees hookers daily

Confessional #29102938

I wish my kids looked like me, not my husband

Confessional #23929304