'I Caught My Husband Sexting'

18 parents share what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn

Is there something on your mind that you’d really like to tell someone — just not your actual friends and family? Well, the Scary Mommy Confessional is the perfect place for admissions of that nature. Which is probably why a lot of submissions have to do with relationship woes. In this week’s roundup, you’ll find everything from marriage regrets to resentment of a partner’s unemployment — along with a healthy dose of confessions on other topics, like postpartum struggles and “friends” who don’t really show up for you.

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Leaving my husband for my HS sweet heart.

Confessional #55619287

I hate my husband. I regret not having great love. Big love.

Confessional #58392090

Village?! What village?! 😡

Confessional #56192876

I wouldn’t have made it as a single mom without MY mom, but I resent her “help” so much

Confessional #51298536

My teen daughter thinks I’m her maid

Confessional #56182763

I can’t stand my daughter’s “best friend” who doesn’t always treat her nicely!

Confessional #56128734

My lifelong friends without kids make no effort to get to know my child

Confessional #56129876

I’m deconstructing my faith while hubs has found it, this prob won’t end well 💔

Confessional #56102934

I can’t stop thinking about what life would have been like with my ex.

Confessional #51625398

Where did my sanity go

Confessional #51092876

I’m a SAHM... not a free house keeper - pick up your own 💩​

Confessional #56125789

Postpartum is the hardest part of pregnancy that no one talks about.

Confessional #56143241

My husband has been unemployed since May. Growing resentful by the day

Confessional #56192876

I put my son in front of a cartoon at the end of the day because I’m so freaking tired

Confessional #56712987

I’m so sick of dealing with “Karen” type moms.

Confessional #56172655

I’m just so tired.

Confessional #56125432

I caught my husband sexting. We have a newborn. I don’t know what to do.

Confessional #58277635

I can’t stop fantasizing about not being married anymore.

Confessional #57283765