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From The Confessional: 'I'm GLAD My Son Is Failing At His Summer Classes’

15 parents anonymously share what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn
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15 parents anonymously share what’s really on their minds on Scary Mommy.

This week’s trip to the Scary Mommy Confessional brings a wide range of anonymous admissions — many of which aren’t strictly related to parenting at all. From expert procrastination tactics and unforgettable past romantic moments to the audacity of a partner who goes ahead and watches a movie without you, here’s what 15 readers wanted to talk about this week.

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Being a single parent is sometimes the most rewarding and the most difficult thing ever

Confessional #41728919

The most romantic and most thought about moment of my life was not with my husband. It's with a guy I never even dated. I often wonder if he thinks about it, as well.

Confessional #48120193

I wish my MIL would understand boundaries, I wouldn’t be resentful!

Confessional #41928193

if young me had known that i had value without being married and i could make it on my own, i'd have at least tried. but religious upbringing prevented that.

Confessional #40919872

I’m a full time working grandma who does not want to babysit my toddler grandson every single weekend.

Confessional #48192032

I don’t want to be my mom’s caregiver. I’m an only child, have a family of my own, a demanding full time job, and can’t handle the thought of someone else needing more of me than I have to give. But at the same time I’m the only person she has.

Confessional #48239923

Sounds terrible, but I'm GLAD my son is failing at his summer classes. He's brilliant and has never failed at anything before. These elective welding and machining classes are a way for him to learn what it is to be challenged and fail but won't hurt his grades or career.

Confessional #47283923

No matter what the task, no matter how much advance warning and time I'm given in which to do it, I ALWAYS end up doing it in a mad rush at the absolute last minute before it's due. 54 years old, and it's still just as true as when I was a kid.

Confessional #47283923

Nicu moms don’t get enough credit

Confessional #41728391

I’m a SAHM to two kids but I feel like my husband does literally nothing to help around the house. I get that he has a job and is literally the sole provider for our house, but he also lives here too and shouldn’t he feel a little responsible for cleaning? When I get a job then who the hell is going to clean the house, since apparently if one is employed then you don’t need to worry about housework around here?? UGH!!!

Confessional #41726371

I get REALLY pissed off when I say I’d like to see a certain movie and SO goes ahead and watches it without me anyway.

Confessional #46571281

Our marriage is post-menopausal, but SO and I still get in heated arguments over what name we’d have given her if one of our three boys had been a girl.

Confessional #47182932

Why do so many people expect you to do things how they did it without ever recognizing that your situations are completely different? It's infuriating.

Confessional #44718821

My husband's complete lack of administration skills has left us with virtually no savings at all. I resent him for it. Very Very Very Much.

Confessional #41829103

Despite my conservative style I wanna get a huge floral design tattooed on my thigh!

Confessional #48192034

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