Oh boy

'I Think My Sis And Mom Sh*t Talk About Me'

From new jobs to "mean moms" at school, 15 parents share what's on their minds in this week’s Confessions.

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

Ever hid in a public bathroom for a little “me time” during a family outing? No? Just me? Well maybe you’ll draw some inspiration for future excursions from today’s roundup, in which one parent admits to doing just that. You’ll also find confessions about school, summer, the disappointment when a new job doesn’t lead to the quality of life improvement you’d anticipated... and more.

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I hate minding my kids during summer. I get no rest.

Confessional #91029837

5yo starting speech therapy for stutter... not sure if it will work 😰​

Confessional #91829837

I stayed in a public bathroom stall for 15 minutes to get away from my family....

Confessional #98209087

I want to leave my husband, i feel i’m a better parent without him

Confessional #98165423

I took a new job for growth opportunities & closer to home, less $$, & I think I hate it! 😢​

Confessional #98097856

My house is a mess, I have to go back to work in a week and I’m stressing out.

Confessional #90435267

I can’t wait for my kids to go to school. They are driving me bat sh*t crazy

Confessional #98127654

I am tired from being both the work mgr & mom mgr.

Confessional #92536142

Excited preschool is longer this year, but not excited that I have to pack more food for it

Confessional #98720937

I don’t want to go back to work after mat leave.

Confessional #91827645

I give my kid the tablet so I can enjoy my coffee 🙈

Confessional #90814526

I’m scared sh*tless that I won’t find a job. I have a master’s degree and I still can’t get anything.

Confessional #90298743

I want another child but husband doesn’t

Confessional #98342565

Really hating all the “mean moms”& their “mean girl” energy at all school events

Confessional #98032798

I think my sis and mom sh*t talk about me. They make the same jabs at diff times/diff convos.

Confessional #98273873