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From The Confessional: 'I Want A Divorce For Christmas'

17 parents share what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn
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Thanksgiving is over, and here we are, barreling along toward the rest of the holidays... seemingly at warp speed. Judging by the volume of recent submissions to the Scary Mommy Confessional, that holiday rush is amplifying all kinds of anxieties — celebration-related or not. So whether you have relationship woes, in-law troubles, deep burnout, or just a healthy curiosity about what’s going on behind other people’s closed doors, read on for this week’s confessions roundup.

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I wish I had chosen a better partner and not settled just to get a wedding

Confessional #89182764

I want one more kid but don’t think my mental and emotional health can handle it

Confessional #81927654

Calling the nanny to come in bc I need a me day.

Confessional #81467826

I’m tired of being the parent that does ALL the parenting while my SO gets to relax

Confessional #89190293

Being a step parent is the hardest situation I’ve ever gotten into

Confessional #81329765

I lied about getting vacation time at Christmas so I would have four days to myself.

Confessional #89120294

I get super irritated that my MIL gives her other grandchildren more attention then my mine

Confessional #81929283

I want to be a SAHM again. But we can’t afford it. Burned out RN here....

Confessional #81020938

Surgery tmrw. Hoping they keep me overnight so I can get a break from being a mom :(

Confessional #87056734

I don’t know if I can forgive my husband for making me rehome our dog

Confessional #81029283

I’m burnt out across the board and just feel like waving the white flag

Confessional #81092876

I love them so much but I’m so touched out all the time

Confessional #81820398

My husband and daughter just ate the last of my birthday cake. I didn’t get the last slice...

Confessional #81928736

My baby wakes up all night long. I feel so alone and like a failure as a mom.

Confessional #81927654

Both of my kids have Dec birthdays and I’m exhausted planning everything.

Confessional #81029384

Sent my kid to school sick and don’t feel guilty!

Confessional #81920938

I want a divorce for Christmas.

Confessional #89289831

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