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From The Confessional: 'I'm Always Second Guessing How I Parent'

14 parents tell us what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn
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Take a break from fielding those (seemingly) hundreds of back-to-school emails to see what other readers shared with the Scary Mommy Confessional this week. From worries about the impending sick season and regrets about switching jobs to outright glee about arranging a morning workout routine that just so happens to conflict with the getting-ready chaos, here’s what your fellow parents have been talking about.

Scary Mommy Confessions are a tried-and-true part of what makes our site so fun. If you want to anonymously confess, please tell all through the link here. And if you want to browse past Confessions, head here.

I’m annoyed my husband can just ignore all the school emails and I don’t have that luxury.

Confessional #89208933

My toddler keeps running away from me at pool I feel out of control and ashamed

Confessional #81728939

My husband has become a better dad because of Bluey.

Confessional #89309287

I’m. Tired.

Confessional #81920398

Sometimes I wonder if I’m still attracted to my husband...

Confessional #81729098

I took a job closer to home, big pay cut, and I’m feeling such regret & guilt at the same time

Confessional #81929304

I’m sick of my husband saying “I work all day” and then not helping at home.

Confessional #81773892

My child really wants a sibling but I really don’t want another baby.

Confessional #81728392

I’m anxious about the upcoming school year and all the viruses it will bring.

Confessional #82930987

My husband’s 4-day trip just got canceled. Sad - I wanted that time just me & my son!

Confessional #89172883

I would rather not be with my kids 24/7!!!!

Confessional #82719209

I hate making dinner... my kids won’t eat anything I make and dinner is just a battle. Everyday.

Confessional #81729390

I work out in the am and always miss the morning chaos to go to school and am so happy.

Confessional #87291039

I’m always second guessing how I parent.

Confessional #81923029

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