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From The Confessional: I'm Feeling Beyond Touched Out

If you’d do anything for an hour by yourself... you’re not alone. (In more ways than one.)

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

There’s a state of being known as feeling “touched out.” If you have kids, and particularly if you’re their primary caregiver, you probably already know this. It’s basically the overwhelming sense of having too much contact with the people who are in your space all day... of being treated like a giant huggable, kissable, poke-able, climbable playground attraction that possibly lactates and also dispenses snacks.

Sometimes, you really just need a damn break. Here are 18 parents from our confessional who relate.

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DH just whined about never getting any alone time. I'm like bro I just pooped with two kids on my lap and a dog at my feet.

Confessional #1786837

I need a time out from my husband AND my kid 😅

Confessional #397124

I sent my kids to bed a lot earlier than most parents because I need that time for myself

Confessional #278243

love my child but taking care of his emotional needs is exhausting and I want a break

Confessional# 365821

Being home with my family the last 2 years 24/7 has made me want to run away and live alone.

Confessional #322871

Today is my 38th bday. What did I get myself? A motel room all for me! I have four kids and a needy husband and I have not been this excited to be alone in years.

Confessional #10288661

My two teenagers are going away for one month and I am upset because it was supposed to be two!!!

Confessional #52380

I need a weekend away. By myself with a book and a bottle of wine (or three).

Confessional #97236

Want to go on a drive... by myself... for several hours and daydream that I’m 21 again

Confessional #16583

I’m going back to work which means my 6M bb is going to daycare and I’m EXCITED

Confessional #874369

4 years of being the only person to get up with our youngest in the morning has me at the end of my rope. She has two parents in the same house! Aaaagh!

Confessional #25870969

People keep taking and taking but that leaves me with nothing to give.

Confessional #25870938

I'm tired of having animals in my house.

Confessional #25870816

For the last 8 hours, I’ve pretended to be sick so I could lay in bed and do nothing, while my husband takes care of both kids and all of the chores. I feel totally, 100% fine. And not even the least bit guilty. I need this.

Confessional #9533773

I've started telling my kids when I'm touched out. I need them to understand that I'm a person, with my own needs and boundaries.

Confessional #8980951

You know you need a break when you're actually excited about getting your teeth cleaned and papsmear all in one day. Living the dream, girls! Living the dream.

Confessional #6489550

Two kids is too exhausting. I need an all-expenses-paid weekend. Alone. With wine.

Confessional #8423

I’m looking forward to my 3rd C-section just so I get a 2 days break from my 4 yo and 2 yo boys!”

Confessional #28763

Some days my goal is just to make it to bedtime.

Confessional #87235