From The Confessional: 'I’m Over Sex’

17 moms share what’s really on their minds this week

by Emma Coburn
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It’s June, which means for many of us, the end-of-school/start-of-summer vortex has taken over. But that doesn’t mean that all the normal issues, worries, and annoyances go away... which is why moms still have plenty to say on other topics in the Scary Mommy Confessional. From arguments over paternity leave to the evergreen feeling that a solo vacation would be just about the best thing ever, here’s what 17 readers anonymously shared.

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Separating from husband was hard, but so incredibly worth it. DO IT.

Confessional #36237298

I feel so guilty that I went back to work 6wk pp only to get fired a few months later

Confessional #32987891

I leave 30 mins early for work just so I can have some peace & quiet

Confessional #32837263

I am afraid of my MIL aging and needing to take care of her. I fear she will need to move in.

Confessional #32320498

I HATE kid birthday parties. I need the invitation to say if a parent needs to stay or not.

Confessional #37283948

I love my kids so much but sometimes wish there was a volume dial I could turn down 😅 

Confessional #32810928

I regret getting a puppy but love that he gives me an excuse to stay home.

Confessional #32192874

I don’t trust my in-laws to watch my son.

Confessional #32819287

I AM. SO. TIRED & already exhausted thinking about summer break. 😭 😭 😭 

Confessional #30928890

I want to go on a vacation by myself. I’m so burnt out!

Confessional #39482736

I love screen time.

Confessional #32829387

My 9yo is driving me insane

Confessional #32929837

As a teacher and a parent, this time of year has my brain utterly fried. Barely holding onto my sanity.

Confessional #31220398

Hubs claims to be an ally but is refusing to take paternity leave because of “how it will look”

Confessional #33292837

My ex just died and I’m terrified I won’t be able to support us without his child support.

Confessional #31283764

Hub finally pulling his weight & I can’t believe how much easier life is. MAD it took this long

Confessional #32919827

I’m over sex. I’ve had enough. Is 42 too young to pack it in? It’s gonna cost me my marriage.

Confessional #32817728

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