From The Confessional: ‘I Hate Sports And I Hope My Kids Do Too’

31 parents share their anonymous thoughts on kids’ sports and activities

by Emma Coburn
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Do you love sitting on the bleachers and watching your kid finally get that goal? Or do you hate making idle chit-chat with other parents you barely know, and resent the expense, travel schedule, and communal snack requirements of organized activities? Maybe you feel a little bit of all those things... or then again, maybe you dislike sports so much that you refuse to participate altogether. Which is a valid choice, too. As you’ll see, there are people from all these camps and more in the Scary Mommy Confessional this week.

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It’s always something. Everyday. It’s so expensive and exhausting.

Confessional #81721288

I get embarrassed when my kid doesn’t listen to the coach. I know he’s only 5 but still...

Confessional #81712123

Signing up my kid for activities gives me a break that I need.

Confessional #81745327

Rainouts are my favorite

Confessional #89298821

I wish I could go to games incognito. No small talk, no gossip, just watching the game

Confessional #81992029

I miss cheering on my son now that he is done with high school & club sports.

Confessional #81267381

Tried soccer at 3. We ALL hated it. Will not be signing up for anything else until he asks.

Confessional #81772712

The parents drinking and the kids bullying. It is Little League people!!!!!!!!!

Praying for rain is a new hobby

Confessional #87728192

I get less time with my husband during summer travel ball and I don’t like it

Confessional #81252234

I’m tired of all my free time involved w kiddos sports.

Confessional #81291284

The cost for all the equipment to try a sport for 1 season & not continue makes me sick.

Confessional #81264746

The team moms make me feel like I’m in middle school

Confessional #81729821

WTF are you supposed to serve for dinner when you are running your kids around to sports!

Confessional #87658912

I don’t want to sit and make friends with the dance moms.

Confessional #8771658

A huge lack of parent volunteers. Kids just need someone positive and fun!

Confessional #81291821

I despise kids sports because of overzealous parents

Confessional #81012918

I don’t sign my kid up for sports. No thank you.

Confessional #81909928

My kid is not good!

Confessional #81290092

I let my teen quit club volleyball in the middle of the season. Too much time and energy for me.

Confessional #81929928

I love being able to watch my kid do something they love!

Confessional #81727772

Travel sports are a scam for $. Most of the players have attitudes and aren’t that good.

Confessional #81727729

The parents’ bad behavior was toxic and ruined it for ME- a parent.

Confessional #89929120

Some parents need to chill outttt at kids games. Let them play and learn.

Confessional #81992876

I hate sports and it sounds like too much commitment to be fun so we opt out 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Confessional #81290182

Terrified of overscheduling my kid. Kids need unstructured time

Confessional #81029182

I enjoy taking my son to practice so I can sit in the grass and watch! He’s loved it so far!

Confessional #81920192

The “everyone brings a team snack” thing is ridiculous and I refuse to do it.

Confessional #81283188

No interest. I hate sports and I hope my kids do too.

Confessional #81852392

So expensive! I have to work my schedule around all their activities!!! 😩 

Confessional #81921881

It’s time away from the screen that I don’t have to organize or think about. I’m in.

Confessional #81029387

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