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From The Confessional: ‘I Have A Secret Credit Card’

22 parents share secrets about their finances.

by Emma Coburn
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When it comes to money, there’s a lot to talk about: From crushing debt and the pressures of being the sole breadwinner to budget problems and the unbelievably high cost of childcare, and then some. And even if things are going OK, somehow, for a lot of people, it still feels like they’re not: As one reader writes, “I don’t understand how we both have good jobs, are frugal and still money always seems tight.” Read on for what 22 anonymous parents shared about the state of their finances right now.

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My husband is horrible with money and I can’t trust him 🥲 

Confessional #71289273

SAHM, I have a secret credit card. Bills are sent to my sister’s house.

Confessional #71829283

I have $75k+ in student loans and don’t know if I’ll EVER be able to pay it all back

Confessional #71203299

Want to stay home with baby but not sure we can afford it and I’m devestated

Confessional #71992827

Victim of financial abuse. My husband has all of our savings in an acct he shares w/ his mom

Confessional #71821218

I’m so broke that I’m skipping meals just to feed the kids

Confessional #71827121

When $ is tight my husband wants me to ask my parents for help, but won’t ask my in-laws.

Confessional #78129174

I’m so broke that it’s not funny. I am just hoping my child doesn’t know how worried I am.

Confessional #71826625

I hate that we’re a single income household & NEED $$ but childcare just isn’t possible

Confessional #71425127

Im bitter my ex doesn’t help w/financially supporting our kids but also proud that I did this all!

Confessional #73281290

It’s mentally exhausting bearing the weight of making the majority of our income

Confessional #71826621

I feel guilty not helping bring in income to help pay bills. I am sahm and years of depression

Confessional #76329801

Sometimes I wish I made worse decisions with my money. Maybe I could enjoy life more.

Confessional #71860092

I don’t even look at the credit card bills anymore

Confessional #78182983

We make excellent money and live like we are poor because my husband is so cheap

Confessional #71662712

I feel guilty buying myself fun things but will spend so much on my son.

Confessional #78127718

I’m in active bankruptcy due to my ex-husband. 🤬

Confessional #78127367

I have trouble adhering to a budget

Confessional #78273663

I don’t understand how we both have good jobs, are frugal and still money always seems tight

Confessional #78341278

Feeling super frustrated that I’m more stressed about debt than SO. He keeps making plans!!

Confessional #71827162

I feel like I am talked to like a child when my husband & I talk about money. I make half our $

Confessional #71828173

I don’t feel like I’ll ever not live check to check 😭 

Confessional #71828472

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