From The Confessional: ‘My In-Laws Don’t Know About Our Second Kid’

Scary Mommy readers share what’s really on their minds.

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

This week in the Scary Mommy Confessional, there’s a lot of talk about starting and expanding families: from the reader who’s just about to go off birth control, to the one who just gave birth on the freeway, to the couple who have yet to inform one set of parents that their toddler exists. Of course, that’s not all people wanted to share. Read on for confessions about open marriages, pickleball-obsessed MILs, and more.

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I’m gonna stop birth control this weekend 😬​

Confessional #51216436

My husband and I have an open marriage and no one knows.

Confessional #51209384

Talking to my husband and he says “we’ll figure it out” YES that’s literally what I’m trying to do rn

Confessional #56172712

My in-laws don’t know about our second kid. She’s almost 2.

Confessional #51102938

I resent my husband for stopping our adoption journey

Confessional #51817294

I’m just trying to provide a nice life for my family and life keeps getting in the way!

Confessional #51281728

I only go to a local restaurant/bar because I am madly in love with the owner (he doesn’t know)

Confessional #51010998

I low-key wish I was at work, instead of having spring break off.

Confessional #51628827

I have no idea how to get my 8 yo son to be motivated to learn or to study

Confessional #51201922

I got a positive test this morning. But after two losses, it’s hard to be happy. Do I tell people? I’m scared.

Confessional #57198788

Is it just me or does it get harder as the children get older?

Confessional #57182873

Really nervous about IVF embryo transfer on Friday

Confessional #50192987

I’m exhausted all the time.

Confessional #58177298

Parenthood mostly exhausting and rarely enjoyable and I don’t know how to reframe that.

Confessional #55102948

Hate when friends post about their kid free vacations when we have NO help from family

Confessional #51627384

I have no friends. I helped raise their kids and they are no where to be found for my kids

Confessional #51129384

I’m pissed bc we moved to be closer to family but MIL is now too busy playing pickleball

Confessional #55142908

My husband does not know how to adult so everything falls to me

Confessional #55126783

Husband will not try for a secod baby and it’s emotionally killing me

Confessional #51010922

I wish my sister would just get a divorce already.

Confessional #56162537

I gave birth on the freeway via ambulance this morning! 🚨​

Confessional #58010928