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'My MIL Is A Witch'

Let’s be real: Scary Mommy Confessions never disappoint.

by Emma Coburn
Scary Mommy Confessional

Whether you’re happy school is back in session, sad that summer’s over, or just overwhelmed by the inevitable chaos of those first couple weeks, chances are there’s a parent in the Scary Mommy Confessional who agrees with you. And if your mind’s not on school at all — maybe you’re preoccupied by in-law annoyance or, say, an irritation with family YouTubers — you’ll probably find something here that resonates with you, too. Here’s what 14 parents wanted to get off their chests.

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My sis is pregs, and she’s been so mean! I can only handle her in dosages. And only if I have to

Confessional #72987365

My MIL is a witch

Confessional #78192873

Sometimes, I get mad and I don’t even know why. I’m so overstimulated and exhausted.

Confessional #78192837

Family youtubers annoy me, because my kid expects me to act like those parents.

Confessional #71829399

I am so happy School is back! Dropping my kids off felt like a vacation

Confessional #71829391

why is the first week of back to school for the kids so chaotic and exhausting ?

Confessional #78190982

I HATE playing make believe with my kids.

Confessional #78654885

I hate the school routine, I want lazy summer days forever. With breaks from kids of course.

Confessional #71628376

I miss sleep so much I want to cry

Confessional #71827364

I hate being a teacher and having to go back to worse work conditions every year.

Confessional #72670984

My kiddo leaves for college in the morning, been up all night bc I don’t want this to be it😭 

Confessional #71829484

I’m tired of feeling guilty when I take “me” time

Confessional #78465987

I’m exhausted as a working mom, but I also don’t want to be a stay at home mom.

Confessional #71629816

My husband parenting our child stresses me out more than my child’s actions

Confessional #71824873