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'Potty Training Is Literal Hell'

From work struggles to the awkwardness of small talk with other parents, readers share what’s really on their minds.

by Emma Coburn
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Whether you’re in the thick of potty training at the moment, or it’s just a distant memory (lucky you), you may relate to the parents who let us know how they really felt about it in the Scary Mommy Confessional this week. If your mind is elsewhere — preoccupied with back-to-school sick season or annoying small talk at all those fall soccer games — then keep reading... you’ll find some kindred spirits in this group as well.

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My husband has been bonding with fishing poles instead of our new baby, and I envy it.

Confessional #56172654

I hate being a working mom

Confessional #56243165

I put my kids in aftercare so I don’t have to deal with pickup at regular dismissal

Confessional #50789122

I can’t wait to quit my job!

Confessional #50198376

I feel so much shame when my kid gets in trouble at school

Confessional #56172543

2nd week of school and my kids r sick already. I’m not ready for this.

Confessional #57918726

I’m over being the default parent and carrying most of the family’s mental load.

Confessional #56198276

I want a second child. But also don’t want a second child.

Confessional #56109278

I love being a mom but hate how expensive children are and I don’t get any help. I’m tired.

Confessional #56109283

Some nights it’s just easier to do my kids homework for her.

Confessional #50182765

My baby is a junior and I’m scared I don’t know what to be aside from his mom.

Confessional #56109256

I’m so tired of being the breadwinner for our family.

Confessional #56109287

I hate that I silently compare my mothering abilities to my ex husband’s gf that he left me for.

Confessional #56109287

I’m so overwhelmed by having a second child 6 weeks ago

Confessional #56172653

Day 4 of school, and I got a call from the teacher

Confessional #56728763

I dislike mom small talk in the sports stands and sidelines.

Confessional #56172653

I don’t like sharing my kids with extended family members.

Confessional #51420985

Potty training is literal hell

Confessional #57366789

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