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From The Confessional: ‘I Didn’t Sleep Train And Regret It’

14 parents tell the truth about their post-kids sleeping habits

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

Sleep... in case you can’t recall exactly what that word means, it’s the relaxing thing you used to do at night before you had kids. These days, whether it’s your children crawling into your bed or your husband snoring in your ear, there’s probably something making you want to grab your earplugs and head for the couch. Then again, maybe those night-time cuddles with your little ones are actually the best part of your day. Either way, here’s hoping you’ll get just a little more actual sleep with each passing year.

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I wear earplugs so my hubby does all the MOTN wake ups.

Confessional #71829387

I kind of resent my H for being a heavy enough sleeper to miss midnight wake ups

Confessional #79498874

I didn’t sleep train and regret it. We just got our 4 year old out of our bed

Confessional #79983736

My 3 year old went from sleeping all night to waking up at 2am daily due to night terrors. I’m exhausted.

Confessional #71098376

My 9yo still comes into my bed at night & I love it.

Confessional #78929387

No one gets that I sleep super lightly. I wake up several times for the slightest sound

Confessional #79998276

i feel so disconnected from my husband when we don’t go to bed at the same time

Confessional #72839928

I pick 3 nights a week to sleep on the couch away from hubs. It’s so comfy and I sleep amazingly.

Confessional #71029887

Wish I could sleep in the guest room without upsetting hubs! Love him but need my space!

Confessional #78293827

I went to stupid lengths to avoid sleep training (PPD - couldn’t handle crying) and regret it

Confessional #72939487

There is a train in my’s my husband snoring 😩 

Confessional #73829883

My 9 y/o can’t sleep through the night. When he does I wake up every hour until the alarm beep

Confessional #72839827

I was so excited to stop co sleeping with my baby

Confessional #78293874

Getting the best sleep I’ve had in 5 years on a work trip.

Confessional #78293873