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From The Confessional: ‘I Don’t Like My Teen Daughter’s Boyfriend’

15 parents share anonymous thoughts on raising teens

by Emma Coburn
From The Confessional: ‘I Don’t Like My Teen Daughter’s Boyfriend’

The Scary Mommy Confessional gets tons of submissions from parents of little kids — understandably, because toddlers can be weird, wonderful, and infuriating, all at once. But this week’s roundup focuses on the completely different set of challenges that comes with raising teens. From worrying about whether they’ll make friends and wondering how to dispense advice effectively to realizing raising “big kids” isn’t exactly easy, here’s what 15 parents had to share.

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My daughter has 0 confidence & doesn’t see why anyone would want to be her friend :(

Confessional #71829381

I feel like I’m too late, I messed up, I should have done a better job. I get sad when I see oldpic.

Confessional #71829381

I thought as kids get older it’ll be easier. Ha! What a joke

Confessional #78198829

She “knows” everything but when asked anything... I get back “I don’t know”

Confessional #71829303

Hoping my kid has a good high school experience but I feel like it’s going to be miserable. 🙏 

Confessional #71829304

I’m scared my teens won’t find financial freedom because we make life too easy at out house

Confessional #72829203

Mine is quiet/shy, but smart/funny; doesn’t make close friends easily and it worries me

Confessional #78129915

Went thru teen years w/ my stepdaughter & it makes me never want my own daughter

Confessional #77281939

My son can be super annoying & I’m afraid he won’t make friends.

Confessional #78291098

Never know which personality I’m gonna run into. It’s exhausting!

Confessional #78729827

I cannot stand my 17 year old son. He’s at the ‘I know better than you’ stage and I cant deal

Confessional #71828934

Deciding when to bite your tongue vs how to offer non biased, guiding advice is hard

Confessional #71827656

I am so afraid of teen pregnancy!!

Confessional #71829928

I want to be the mom that hugs them right after football or lacrosse games but they STINK

Confessional #71826628

I don’t like my teen daughter’s boyfriend.

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