The Best Newborn Gas Drops & Remedies For Soothing Your Fussy Baby's Tummy

best gas drops for babies
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Gas drops for newborns can work wonders when your baby has a bubbly tummy. While gas is normal for infants who are both breastfed and formula-fed, an excess amount can cause discomfort and pain, which can lead to a lot of crying and very little sleep — for baby and for parents. If you know, you know.

You can certainly wait it out and hope that the gas goes away on its own, but if you want to help your little one get some immediate relief (AKA a big ol’ toot), gas relief drops are a good option.

Are gas drops safe for newborns?

But before we get into the best gas medicine for babies, let’s talk about what they are. Gas drops are an over-the-counter medical treatment. The main active ingredient is simethicone, which can safely help break up gas bubbles in a newborn’s stomach, making gas easier to pass. If your baby has been diagnosed with colic (when a healthy and well-fed baby cries for a prolonged period of time every day), you can also try gripe water.

What is the difference between gas drops and gripe water?

Gripe water offers a combination of homeopathic ingredients like fennel and ginger. It soothes tummy troubles with its herbal ingredients and can also help babies pass gas. However, if gas is the main culprit of your newborn’s discomfort, gas drops with simethicone may be more effective for bloat relief. Ask your pediatrician if you’re unsure which treatment to try.

Why is my newborn so gassy?

There are several reasons why newborns can get gas pains. We spoke to Dr. Jackie Schwarz, a pediatrician with Arlington Pediatrics, Ltd in Arlington Heights, IL who gave us some insight. “Some babies aren’t great at burping and some take in excess air while feeding, which turns into excess gas,” Schwarz told Scary Mommy. “Some may need more time for their bodies to learn how to digest.”

But how do you know if your baby needs gas drops and not just a good burp or fart? “When a baby is gassy or seems to have digestive discomfort, I give parents many suggestions,” Dr. Schwarz said. “First, I show parents how to burp their baby, feed their baby slower if they are bottle-fed, and do some leg bicycling or tummy time to get out the gas. If nothing is working, I recommend gas drops, gripe water, or baby probiotic drops as a next step.”

If you’re overwhelmed with the thought of administering medication to your tiny baby, the easiest way to do it is by putting the dropper in your infant’s mouth while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

Below you’ll find the most highly recommended gas drops, probiotic drops, and gripe water options for newborn gas relief and colic, according to parents and pediatricians. Before you give any supplements, medications, or treatments to your baby, check in with your pediatrician first.

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