From The Confessional: I'm A Hardcore Hermit And IDGAF

by Cassandra Stone
A girl covering her face from chin to nose with a white blanket

These moms are 100% unapologetic about cancelling plans and staying the hell home

One of the best parts of having kids is using them as an excuse to get out of pretty much anything you could ever possibly fathom. Don’t want to go to Grandma’s for Easter? “Oh, crap, sorry, Aidan is sick.” Looking for an excuse to get out of a child’s birthday party? “Oh, whoops, the baby is teething and we just won’t make it.”

Then there are the moms who don’t care about using their kids as scapegoats—they just aren’t coming, and they’ll tell you that to your face without batting an eye. Some of us just like staying home, damn it!

Our confessional is full of moms who DGAF about their hermit status. They wear their hermit label loud and proud, OK?

I loooove being married to a pilot. I am a hermit at heart and so is he, so it works perfectly for us. A life of solitude for 1mo then 2wks of fun dates, vacations, hot sex, and being mad for eachother. I get peace, silence, and time to miss him.

Confessional #25848332

if i had financial independence, i'd probably be a hermit living remote but w/all the niceties of life. i just don't want or need interaction all the time. yet here i am never alone.

Confessional #25848295

I'm 57. Kids grown. DH retired & I no longer work. Since Covid turned me onto a hermit lifestyle, I NEVER want to leave my house anymore. I'm not agoraphobic, I'm not depressed. I'm just perfectly content left to my own hobbies. Socializing is overrated.

Confessional #25839179

I want to hermit away from everyone, including dh and kids. I don't like ANYBODY.

Confessional #25830061

Listen, if you were a homebody before 2020, you’re very likely a full-on hermit now. And that’s OK! Socializing is draining sometimes. It feels good at first, and it’s obviously necessary to varying degrees for the health of the overall human condition, but after awhile…some of us just want to be home in our elastic pants under a fleece blanket on the couch.

I sent my daughter to school today for the first time in almost a year. She was so happy. I'm so scared. I've tried my best to prepare her for safety, but I feel like I failed already. Covid has made me a hermit and I'm afraid of rui in her happiness.

Confessional #25815840

I find adults incredibly disappointing. I just want to hide away from all of them. My tolerance has nose dived this year. I see why hermits are hermits.

Confessional #25801783

That’s the other thing—between the election and the pandemic, so many people have shown their true colors. We all basically have limited tolerance for one another already, so why push it?

Deleting all of my social media. Never done this before. I’m pretty much already a hermit and it is my only social outlet. Either I’ll go outside more or become okay with myself.

Confessional #25796468

I'm secretly glad my children are old enough to text and call their friends, and I no longer have to be responsible for maintaining their social lives. If it were up to me, we would never leave the house. I'm such a hermit.

Confessional #25787914

I'm SUCH a hermit! I bail on outings and never want to leave my house to socialize. I worry about the impact this will have on me as I age. Is this going to mess me up someday?

Confessional #25748266

Had my baby 2 weeks ago and we've had visitors non-stop. The hermit in me is dying to tell people to F off!

Confessional #24763505

A new baby is a PERFECT reason to let your inner hermit shine! Unless they have a delicious casserole or are willing to clean your entire home, tell your friends and relatives to scram.

I've been feeling lonely working from home lately and wondering if I should go back to FT job. Am in the office this week and - NOPE. Can't wait to go back to my lazy mornings, pajamas, and hermiting in my quiet house.

Confessional #23499149

I like being a homebody! I created a home that is welcoming and cozy to family and friends. I would rather invite friends over than go out. I will cook and make cocktails. The downside is some people negatively judge me for it and think I am a hermit.

Confessional #20764744

Fixing up our house, lots of DIY, nicer finishes. When it's done, I'm never leaving home again. I'll be a hermit in a pretty house.

Confessional #15976889

I was forced to interact socially last night, and this morning I'm completely exhausted because of it. Motherhood has turned me into a hermit.

Confessional #8371159

If you’re a hermit and you’re happy, clap your hands! LOL.

But seriously, it’s cool to see so many women just refusing to feel guilty for being homebodies. Whatever works, works. Especially if you’re an introvert and you derive your energy from alone time—do what you need to do!