New Holderness Family Video Gets Real About Why Homework Is The Worst

by Kate Spencer
The dad sitting on a child's bicycle and the mom posing next to him in the new Holderness family vid...
Image via: The Holderness Family Facebook

The Holderness clan parodies Rihanna in hilarious, new video

The Holderness Family‘s new video, which parodies Rihanna’s song “Work” as “Homework,” might be their most painfully perfect one yet. Yes, it’s hilarious. But it also captures the life-suck that is homework — for both the kids stuck doing it, and us parents who must make sure it gets done, even if we don’t get it ourselves. (We’re lookin’ at you, Common Core math problems.)

The coolest part about their latest masterpiece – aside from turning our daily homework nightmare into something we can all laugh at – is that it’s a collaboration with their fans. Viewers helped pick out the topic (homework), the song (“Work,” though we were rooting for “Turn Down For What”), as well as buzzwords (giraffe, phalanges, fart) and current events (the election, snowy weather) that had to be included in the lyrics.

Check out The Holderness clan speaking the truth about homework:

If that wasn’t cool enough, we also get to see the behind the scenes work that goes into writing, shooting, and producing it. The Holdernai make it look so easy, and it’s eye-opening to see their brains at work. It’s a lot harder than it seems. But still, they manage to to finish the video is just six hours. Impressive! That’s almost as long as our kids’ homework takes.

Ah, homework. It is a nightmare on all fronts — for your poor kid who has to sit there and try to get it done, and for the parents, who have to force them to do it while re-living their own dreaded past of doing homework as a kid. Nothing kicks the ol’ stomach butterflies of dread into action like remembering how miserable night after night of homework was as a kid. And now our own poor children must soldier through it while we stand guard, blocking the PlayStations and the iPads from them until their work is done.

There’s a reason The Holdernai are so good at what they do. They don’t just cram funny lyrics into a popular song. They craft each video so by the end we’re laughing, but also relating and commiserating. So thank you, dear Holderness Family, for capturing our misery and sharing it with the world. You just made those long school nights a little bit less lonely. Somewhere, out there, we can make it if we remember that we’re all suffering through our kids’ homework together.