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Momstagram Fave Liz Climo On The Making Of Her New Picture Book

by Liz Climo
You're Loved by Liz Climo, 2022, Roaring Brook Press

Hello! I’m Liz Climo, I’m an author, illustrator, and animator who spent many years working on The Simpsons. I also have a webcomic on Instagram where I draw animals navigating social situations in a sweet and (hopefully!) humorous way. My latest book, You’re Loved, is a lot like these comics, only in this case it’s from the point of view of baby animals and the grown-ups who love them. It’s a gentle reminder that, though life might seem big and scary at times, you are loved no matter what. And I'm going to walk you through the process of writing it. Let’s go!

Starting a new book is always a little intimidating for me, and this one was no exception. I wanted a strong image here — something endearing, but that also conveys how big and open the world must seem to a new baby. I knew I wanted the turtle looking directly at the reader on this first page, and it took a few tries to get the expression right. I’m happy with how it turned out, and I love how the baby is instantly connecting with you — but also looks slightly bewildered.

You're Loved by Liz Climo, 2022, Roaring Brook Press