Man Finds Out His Wife Is Pregnant Days Before Their IVF Appointment, Hilarity Ensues

by Elizabeth Licata
A two-part collage of a man looking at a pregnancy test and being surprised to find out it's positiv...

This guy’s wife surprised him with a positive pregnancy test just days before they were going to start IVF, and she caught his astonished reaction on video.

Jamie Wilson and his wife, Beth, know what it’s like to struggle with infertility. They’ve already been through two failed rounds of IVF and were about to start trying again, so it’s not surprising that Jamie reacted with utter disbelief when his wife surprised him with a positive pregnancy test days before their scheduled doctor’s appointment. Luckily, she was there with a camera and caught his stunned expression when he finally figured it out, because it’s probably the most heartwarming video of a guy shouting, “Fuck!” that you will ever see.

The video is pretty hilarious. The guy is just chatting away about how he spotted a dead deer by the side of the road on his drive home from work and pulled over to poke it, and he doesn’t even think it’s that weird that his wife is filming him.

“Just taking a selfie,” she said.

Most people would instantly understand the ramifications of a positive pregnancy test in a gift box, but he had to stare at it for a while before it sank in. It never occurred to him that his wife could be pregnant, because they had gone through two failed IVF attempts before conceiving their 2-year-old son, Eli. The couple actively wanted a second child but assumed they would once again have trouble conceiving, and they were actually scheduled to start trying via another very, very expensive round of IVF when the wife started to feel a bit nauseous and decided she might as well take a pregnancy test, just to check.

She was shocked and thrilled to discover that by some stroke of luck she’d conceived the old-fashioned way and was already four weeks pregnant. Looking to give her husband a nice surprise, she wrapped up the positive test in a little box marked “Daddy” and left it out for him.

Still, it took a while.

“I didn’t want to just call him or text him to tell him, so I thought I would wait until he got home and made him a little present,” his wife said to The Daily Mail. “It was funny because you see him nattering away about the traffic on the way home and then his face just changes”.

“What’s this … what does that mean? What? I’m confused,” he says, looking back and forth between the box and the test. “What? What the fuck!?”

Then he finally gets it, and you’ve never seen a guy look so happy.

The expectant father jubilantly shouts, “Fuck!” a few more times before he gets so excited he’s about to start crying with joy and his wife turns off the camera. He looks so surprised and happy, and it’s probably the cutest video of a guy screaming, “Fuck!” ever.