Man Poses As Target On Facebook To Hilariously Troll Haters

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

This week, Target announced it would be moving away from gender-based signs in their stores. This would include ceasing to separate groups of toys by gender.

Some of their customers were not happy, and took to Target’s Facebook page to let them know.

Facebook user Mike Melgaard was inspired by the long list of ridiculous complaints on the Target page. He decided to create a fake account, posing as Target. He responded to haters bluntly, with sarcasm and humor. It did not go over well amongst the haters, but it went over swimmingly with everyone else.

Anyone who works for a brand and uses Facebook to promote that brand knows how it feels to bite their tongue. Target couldn’t respond to the haters in an honest way, but Melgaard sure could. There is something so satisfying about reading these posts:

Oh man, that was good. There are so many more where those came from, too. Adweek reports Melgaard got away with it for about 16 hours responding to about 50 posts before Facebook got wise to the troll account and shut him down.

As for Target, they don’t seem too mad about the “hijacking” of their page. They posted this photo a few hours ago:

Applause all around.

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