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'My Husband Had An Affair With A Drop Off Mom'

In this week’s Confessions roundup, 23 parents vent about play dates, overstimulation, Mother’s Day, and more.

by Emma Coburn

Does the entire month of May — crammed with birthdays and holidays and school events scheduled at inconvenient times — give you anxiety? Well, you’re definitely not alone. And if it’s just Mother’s Day specifically that gives you anxiety, well, it seems you’re in good company there, too. This week in the Scary Mommy Confessional, readers shared their thoughts on this fraught and busy month, plus other topics ranging from sleep training and endless housework to a partner’s illicit affair. Read on for the full roundup.

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When does the overstimulation stop?!?

Confessional #77612273

I’m really afraid that I’m starting perimenopause at 36

Confessional #71991827

I’m sick of having to gentle parent other adults! I’m only mom to my kids!

Confessional #78119872

I feel so caught in the middle on mother’s day and I’m dreading it.

Confessional #71782990

I want a divorce so I can be a better mother.

Confessional #71989029

Society gives me so much crap for being a stay at home mother

Confessional #71029098

After having kids my husband and I are more distant than ever.

Confessional #71029890

Scared to host a play date bc my house is *very* kid lives here vibes

Confessional #70092938

Most car line parents are insufferable. Why are you there almost 2 hours early? It’s insane.

Confessional #71299287

Started anxiety meds today. I’m so proud of me for doing the hard thing!

Confessional #71029897

I don’t think I’ll ever have the strength to sleep train my baby, but I want some of my life back

Confessional #71829928

Hoping to not have to spend mothers day with MIL

Confessional #71029283

My surrogate is 11 weeks pregnant! Might have a baby after 4 years of infertility!

Confessional #77182909

I’m sad I can’t find a name I like for my son due in July.

Confessional #71829817

Unhappily married people make the workplace a war zone

Confessional #71882983

Does everyone have to parent their own parents once they have kids?

Confessional #78921029

I want to move my kids schools because my husband had an affair with a drop off mom

Confessional #71002923

I hate the month of May. Too many things always squeezed in & I want to run away til June.

Confessional #70980922

I’m considering seeing my a**hole ex out of loneliness

Confessional #72321129

I hate having to come home from work and do housework. It never f*cking stops

Confessional #79118273

I’m going to have to plan my own Mother’s Day. And I’m not happy about it.

Confessional #71102983

I’m having an affair and we are going on a trip together

Confessional #71029283

Ready to be done with nursing my 4th baby. And she’s only 6 months old. It’s draining me.

Confessional, #71881726