From The Confessional: I Don't Want Any More Kids

by Cassandra Stone
Black-haired woman crossing her hands showing she doesn't want any more kids.

If your baby portal is officially off-limits to more children, you’re not alone

Maybe you were one and done. Maybe you stopped at two kids, so that you and your partner wouldn’t be outnumbered. Maybe you stopped at six, because anything more than half a dozen is borderline insane (your words, not mine).

Whenever it was, at some point you reached The Point. The point of no return when it comes to expelling human beings from your birth canal, that is. When you know, you know. Sure, there might be pangs of yearning for those baby days as your kids get bigger and more independent, but your oven is closed to any bun-making. It’s unplugged, even. The gas is off. YOU ARE DONE. NO BUN.

If this sounds familiar, well, you’re in good company. Because the moms in our Confessional are done-zo with the fun-zo (not with sex, just with conceiving babies)!

I came around to DH's idea of having no more children. Love DS from my first marriage, but I realized I wasn't cut out to raise any more kids. NO regrets. One and done is amazing.

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I see women left and right, 3 or more kids , happy, healthy, smiling and rocking being a mom. All it took was 2 kids to break me. Psychology/physically I’m a shell of who I was and I’m barely making it everyday. Why am I a failure?

Confessional #25811508

I don’t want anymore kids. One and done! Why can’t everyone else accept that and leave me the fuck alone.

Confessional #25805972

I’m too selfish to have more kids. Our DD is 6mo old and I thought I would enjoy motherhood more than I do. We’ll probably just be one and done.

Confessional #25791294

Some moms make the choice, others have the choice made for them. But there’s one thing they all have in common here: NO MORE KIDS.

I hate the way my body looks now that I had my baby. I don’t want anymore kids, but I have constant guilt my baby will be sad/lonely being an only child.

Confessional #25789503

DH wants an ours baby. I don’t. My ss is autistic and a handful. I already take time off work to take him to therapy and appointments. I can barely deal with ss as it is. I’m keeping myself on bc. He knew that I don’t want more kids. Don’t make me have 1

Confessional #25785267

he was drunk the day of my scheduled C section so I had my tubes tied during the procedure. now he's "confused" about why we don't have any more kids. It's so I can afford to leave your drunk ass!

Confessional #25783700

If DS ever catches us in an off-guard moment and we accidentally give him an honest answer when he asks why he's an only child, it'll be that he was such a nightmarish child that we were too terrified of having any more kids that might be like him.

Confessional #25779958

A lot of moms seem to feel guilty about having an “only child” because they can’t mentally handle another pregnancy/child. I’m here to tell you: Don’t. DO NOT. That “only child” will have a mom who is healthy and happy and able to give herself to motherhood while lot losing herself at the same time. There’s nothing to feel guilt about there. And f*ck anyone who tries to make you feel bad about it.

DH wants more kids but I don't see it. He doesn't help at all. Talk about a gender reversal.

Confessional #25758742

Within weeks of DS's birth, I knew I did not want any more kids. Everyone said I'd change my mind. And...nope. DS is in his 20s. Told you it was one and done, and I am so glad.

Confessional #25731699

Instead of having more kids I went to grad school. No regrets.

Confessional #25623530

H had consult for a vasectomy but of course hasn’t followed through. I got an IUD today but not telling him. We rarely have sex anyway b/c I want out. Still hoping he gets a vasectomy so he doesn’t knock up someone else. He can’t afford more kids.

Confessional #25233928

So many friends having issues conceiving/miscarrying. I just got my tubes removed. Definitely don’t want anymore kids but I still feel strangely guilty throwing away my fertility when so many would kill for it...

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Seems like lots of moms don’t want to have more children because their husbands are giant man-babies who don’t participate in parenting as much as they should. Sigh. Sounds about right.

My spouse thinks i dont want to have more kids, when i actually do but not with them. They have shown how irresponsible they are and i would be doing all the work if i did. Love them, but that makes me wish i married someone else. Fml...

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My hubby wants more kids ... I am happy with just the twins .... I don’t want any more kids !

Confessional #24265072

If we'd have family nearby to help out like SIL and her family did, we'd have probably had more kids. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, and we were sometimes overwhelmed with the kids we already had.

Confessional #24228591

And last but certainly not least, one of the funniest confessions about not wanting more kids:

Despite what I tell ppl about wanting more kids, the truth is both DH and I are not very cute; between his big floppy lips, my giant nose, and neither of us having a chin. Surprise DS got ALL the good genes, and I'm not risking spinning that wheel again.

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Whatever the reason, it’s reason enough. You’re valid in not wanting any more kids if you don’t want them, and don’t let anyone bully you about it.