These Nursing Tops Will Keep You Comfy As You Keep A Small Human Alive

by Kate Antoniades
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Breastfeeding is challenging and exhausting at times, but nursing tops can make it easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. Some nursing tanks have built-in bras so that you can skip a nursing bra entirely, and many nursing tops provide enough coverage that you may feel totally comfortable breastfeeding in public without a nursing cover. (Either way, of course, that decision is totally up to you!) Most of the nursing tops we’ve rounded up are machine washable, so no worries if your nursing pads fail to prevent a leak or two, or if your baby completely misses the burp cloth and spits up directly on your shirt (again).

You may also want a nursing top that’s designed as to be a combination nursing/maternity shirt, so they’ll fit both before and after your baby arrives. After all, it’s totally normal for your body not to “bounce back” immediately after pregnancy (no matter what some momfluencers say), and you’ll appreciate the extra room and extra length they provide. Say it with us: There is no shame in wearing maternity clothes after you give birth!

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The nursing tanks and nursing tops below are just right for wearing around the house, or doing errands, while many are work-appropriate (depending on your office), either by themselves or underneath another shirt. Check out our top picks for nursing tops below!

Best Nursing Tops

Best Nursing Tank Tops

Best Plus-Size Nursing Tops


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